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Little Saints Preschool staff are dedicated, highly qualified professionals who constantly strive to deliver the highest possible levels of education and care in early childhood through the provision of innovative services to children and their families. Developing the whole child and an emphasis on providing an environment that gives children and their families a sense of belonging are an important part of our philosophy. Our Preschool recognises the fundamental importance of diversity and inclusiveness in our society, and is a strong advocate for the provision of accessible and equitable early childhood education available to everyone.

Louise Habermann
Little Saints Director & Teacher

Rouch, Louise

Hello, and welcome to Little Saints. I'm Louise Habermann (Mrs Louise), and I'm excited and passionate about getting to know your child individually, inspiring them throughout their learning journey and watching them grow. I am lucky enough to have nine years of industry experience and have a Bachelor in Early Learning (Birth-Five). Preschool is a beautiful environment for your child to enrich learning and school readiness through meaningful play, natural inspired spaces, and intentional learning experiences.
As a Director/ Early Childhood Teacher at Little Saints, I look forward to creating wonderful play spaces for your child, based on their interests and passions. These programs will encourage the children to use play to make sense of their world, follow their ideas, build relationships, build an understanding of objects, the community and the outdoors.

I am a passionate equestrian rider outside of Little Saints, competing in polocrosse, camp drafting, and the odd team penning events.

Penny Baker
Little Saints Assistant Room Leader & Educator

Baker, Penny

Hello everyone! Hi, my name is Penny Baker (Miss Penny) and I am currently working at Little Saints as the Assistant Room Leader / Educator. I have worked within the Early Childhood Education and Care sector for ten years and during those years, have gained many experiences which have made my passion grow.
I really look forward to getting to know each child for their unique personalities and providing a safe and healthy environment for them to grow, learn and explore. I endeavour to promote children's independence as they explore their way through their learning journeys.

'Children are encouraged to explore their own independence, skills, critical thinking and problem solving as it allows children to become a part of and contribute to their world'. (Reggio Emilia)

Amy Sonter
Little Saints Educator

Sonter, Amy

Hello, I’m Amy Sonter (Miss Amy) and I am an educator in Little Saints full time. I live in Jindera with my twelve-year-old daughter Isabella, our dog Bow and two budgies Ash and Cinderella. I grew up on the Central Coast. Even though I’m six hours away from my family, I get the opportunity to go on holidays to visit them once or twice a year. I have been involved in various volunteer roles at St. John’s since Isabella started in Little Saints in 2012. I have a passion for photography, drawing and anything to do with arts and craft.

Emma Oram
Little Saints Assistant Educator


Hello, I’m Emma Oram (Miss Emma) and I’m currently working at Little Saints as an Assistant Educator. I have been in the early childhood industry for 5 years now holding a diploma qualification, and I’m currently studying towards a Bachelor of Education (Birth to 5 years). During these years in the early childhood sector my passion has grown and evolved in the way I support and assist children’s education. Working with children has been a strong passion of mine and I am very privileged to be able to work at Little Saints. I look forward to meeting all the families and children as I endeavour to support and work alongside the children to guide them through their Little Saint journey and early years learning.