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Mathew ‘Westy’ West

On Wednesday, I was on lunchtime oval duty, standing with a large group of Year 5/6 boys sharing stories and memories about Mathew and how he was so well-loved and connected to his mates. We reflected on how grief impacts us all in different ways and that it is ok to feel a range of emotions. I was impressed by the maturity, honesty and willingness for these young boys to express themselves. We also spoke about how sometimes just being there to listen, or even just being there side-by-side is powerful in the healing process.

As mentioned in communications to Yr 3-6 families from Chaplain Pete this week, we will be holding a time of reflection with our 3-6 students following Chapel on  Friday. I would once again like to reassure our families that we have support networks in place following Chapel with both Pete and also a counsellor from St Paul’s Walla. Students are also encouraged to meet with any staff member at school they feel comfortable talking to. This is in place not only on Friday, but any time throughout the year.

I strongly encourage parents to provide that opportunity in the home and to be available for your child. You can access a range of resources regarding grief and loss that can guide conversations and provide ideas to support you and your family members.

It is important that parents look after themselves as well and I encourage you to seek the support you require. The school has access to our Pastors and Chaplains via phone or community support workers on the contacts below:
Chaplain Peter Reed - Peter.Reed@stjls.nsw.edu.au –
0423 067 514

There are also support materials on grief and loss on our school website: https://stjls.nsw.schooltv.me/newsletter/grief-loss

23 October 2021 will forever be an important day to many of us. Last year, we stood as a school with our hearts, prayers and arms wrapped around the West Family during the tragic loss of Mathew. At this time of the year and as a school community, we do so again as we remember Mathew, his friendships, stories and energy.

Welcome to Term 4 at St John’s!

It was great to hear the fun-filled holiday stories from students on their return to school last week. It reinforces not only the importance of taking a break to rest, but also the importance of spending time with family and friends. Trusting relationships are the key to a happy and healthy life!

Always in a Mindset of Improvement

On our first day back, we had Teachers and Learning Coaches from Wagga and Henty join us on-site for a PD day led by Derek Bartels (LEVNT for 12 months while Kim Powell is on leave.) The focus was framed around contemporary learning and working through PBL units. An added benefit is the time spent building relationships within staff in our three schools.

Update on COVID Requirements

We received advice from AISNSW regarding the updated isolation rules for COVID-19. While the government no longer require testing and isolation, NSW Health strongly encourage continuing this practice. Based on our risk assessment, and in line with NSW Department of Education schools, we will be following the below procedures:

  • Staff and students are asked to remain home if they have acute symptoms of COVID-19 or other respiratory illnesses
  • Staff and Students are required to stay home if they test positive to COVID-19 until they are symptom free
  • Staff and students are required to notify the school via our online forms if they test positive - this helps us to notify and protect our community from further spread

Further information can be accessed via this link:


This term in our Learner Profile we are focusing on grit and perseverance. This week in Assembly 3 Year 3/4 LK students shared how they used grit and perseverance in preparing for their PBL showcase. They encountered difficulties which were hard to solve but they didn’t give up and it was very satisfying in the end. Each Monday students from different classes will also share how they have used grit and perseverance in their learning.

We are preparing excitedly for our 2023 Kinder students through a series of transition mornings which began last term and will continue this term. We look forward to getting to know these students more! Our amazing Kinder team; Charlene Walsh, Kerrie Gordon, Jodi Takle and Kellie Kimpton are doing a fantastic job ensuring that next year’s Kinders are warmly welcomed to our school.

Our new student led clubs are in full swing and it’s been wonderful to see the interactions between the different year levels. Some year 5 leaders; Zoe, Ben and Viv held a dance competition first the semi-structured games on Wednesday and had students from every year level grooving u series the blue shade sail.  


In Creative Arts we love being creative. We engage, we are passionate. We learn about relationships by working closely with our classmates. In Creative Arts we use higher order thinking skills like decision making, analysing, evaluating and reviewing. We love taking risks and are in a supportive environment where the culture is that it is okay to make mistakes, as it is through mistakes we learn.
In Creative Arts our class looks like chaos to the uninitiated. In Creative Arts we make noise, some of our highest quality work happens while we are making noise. As a result, we learn collaboratively better than most students do, problem solve as much as the maths students, and experiment more often than science students.

Quite often, students can enter the Creative Arts classroom with reservations. It can be uncomfortable or seen as a subject that isn’t as important as others. St John’s students are very lucky to have the support of the school in the recognition of this subject. It has been so wonderful to see the students gain an appreciation for Dance, particularly from those who initially showed resistance or were hesitant. I am looking forward to seeing all of the skills they have learned in their final performances next week.

Jessica Cottrell


This fortnight, students across all year levels have reflected on the types of thinking they have used in Design Lab this year. They are creating posters that show examples of what designers think about and the wide variety of ideas shows how diverse and creative our students’ thinking has been!

Anna-Marie Bothe




IGA Supermarket visit
This week we started our PBL unit with a trip to the local supermarket. We walked around and looked at all the different types of food that were there. We bought a selection of food to eat for afternoon tea which got us curious about where the food comes from and how it gets to the supermarket. The Kinders loved it, and thought it was ‘The BEST shop ever!’

In Maths, we have been learning about money and the value of different coins. We explored how many cents make up a dollar, ordered coins in value order and then had a hands-on experience of being able to buy items from our ‘Kinder Shop’. It has definitely been a highlight from our first two weeks back at school!      

Year 1

It has been a busy start to the term in the Year 1 classroom. The students are working very hard in their new literacy program and have been discovering some interesting facts about Chinese New Year through our shared class story “Fang Fang’s Chinese New Year”.

Mrs King brought in her “Chinese Doll” collection which she inherited from her great great aunt who was a missionary to China over 100 years ago!

Amelia brought in her Chinese New Year book and some special red packets which are given out during Chinese New Year festivities. Amelia and Gloria have added some great insights into Chinese culture around Chinese New Year.  

Year 2

PBL- Don’t forget the students are showcasing their inspiring stories in PBL this Thursday at 2pm in the Year 2 classrooms.  You are welcome to attend this and see what your amazing children having been working on in Term 3.

Next newsletter there will be photos to show off their PBL projects so stay tuned.  Also, their Entry Event for Term 4. These pictures may give you an idea of what this is about.

Year 3/4 PV

Money Money Money! The students are using money in the classroom this term to get lots of practice adding, counting back change and budgeting. Ask your child if they’ve had to pay any fines in the classroom.

To start our PBL this term, we looked at our lunchboxes and sorted and compared items into groups- healthy/unhealthy, packaged/natural, local/international…

For art, students are having fun making donuts using papier mâché that ties in with our PBL unit. It was a lot more challenging than we first thought. Luckily we worked outside!!

Year 3/4 LK

Year ¾ were very excited to begin a sculptural activity in Art. They had a lot of fun using papier-mache to create a donut which they will decorate in the coming lessons.

Year 5/6

Boys to the Bush
On the 12th of October we went to Lavington sports ground to do boys to the bush.
There were about 600 students there and there was a lot more than we expected. There was sphere throwing, Aboriginal dancing and drumming. Then after lunch we did sports like cricket, footy and chasey. They were all really good, we also set up swags that was fun. But the only thing we didn’t get to do was hockey.
Also at the end we did a lot of dancing which was really fun.
By Axel

On the first week of term year 5/6 went to Lavington sports ground to attend the boys to the bush. At the Boys to the Bush, we had lots of fun, we learned about aboriginal things, played Australian sports, set up camping things, and danced to Steve Bowen music. My favourite part of the day was when we played the cricket, I liked fielding the most. The snags were pretty good.
By Casey

On the first Wednesday of term 4 we went to an organisation called ‘’ Boys to the Bush. ‘’ There were over 600 students, lots of different schools went. There were lots of different stations with different sports and cultural learning/activities such as: cricket and kicking footballs through goals and with the cultural side we did a lot of things, but these are some of the things we did, we did spear throwing and learning a cultural dance called the boomerang dance. Everyone had fun it was a great day!
By Harper

On Wednesday the 12th of Oct the 5/6s went to the boys to the bush, it was at the Lavington sports ground. We learnt the boomerang dance and we also had someone come and show us about all the different aboriginal tools that they use. We saw a baby carrier and felt the inside of it, it felt so soft. The First Nations People also made rope, it was so cool. We also got to throw spears it was fun! After we set up a swag I did it with Phoenix and Ben. We then did sport and after every break we did like a dance off thing. It was so funny and exciting.
By Layla

On the 12th of October 2022 year 5/6 went to Lavington Sports Grounds. There were over 600 students. Leading us with some music was Stevie Bowen and talking to us about all the different sports was Derick Murray.
Our first activity was an indigenous welcome to country dance. Then we threw some spears at a kangaroo. After that we learnt how to set up a swag and unpack it. After putting up the swag and destructing the swag we played some beats on the bongo drums. We also learnt about aboriginal tool with and aboriginal elder. Then we had a sausage in bred. The second half of the day we did some dancing with Stevie Bowen some football and cricket and went back to school.
By Vivienne

The Boys to the Bush was a whole lot of fun! There were over 600 kids attending and a bunch of activities awaiting us. We got to bond with other schools and put our teamwork skills to the test to work together and learn more or get better at the skills we already know! There were two areas that it was based around, culture and sport. Plus, an extra, every time the horn hooted when you were doing sport, you would go to the edge of the ground and have a dance, there was a bunch of pump-up songs and crazy tests we got to do!

The first station we went to was Aboriginal dancing. We go to do a dance that was all based around the throwing of the boomerang and the way you position yourself. We had a dance off with the other class and still don’t know who won (definitely Mrs Schulz’s).
The second station we went to was spear throwing. Three cardboard native Australian animals were set up. Each of us got a couple of turns to throw a ‘fake’ spear at the cardboard animals. Only a couple of us fully hit it. Mind you, they were quite hard to throw.
The third station we got to set up swags. We set the swag up in groups of two or three, then we took it down again. Not far into the experience Mrs Schulz called Ella and I over to be interviewed for WIN NEWS. That night I was quite disappointed to see that Ella only made it for 3.45 seconds and my shoulder just made the cut! The fourth station we went to was bongo drumming. The two Ella’s and I shared a drum, we got to do some different beats and learn about the various sounds on the drum. At the end we performed ‘We will Rock You.’
The final station we got to learn about the different tools that Aboriginals used. We got to have a feel of them and learn what they were used for. The possum skin was really soft!
The first sport activity we went to was cricket. We split in half and had fielders and batters. There were two batters each turn hitting three balls each out into the fielders, the fielders couldn’t move until both batters had hit all three balls. Then, the batters had to run as many runs as they could before the fielders set all the balls on the cones back up again. My team won with the most runs!
The second sport activity we did was AFL. We split up into boys/girls, girls first did a game in pairs. You would stand opposite sides of the ball and the lady would say, heads, toes, knees, head etc, ball! Then you would grab the ball, whatever part of the body she said you had to touch. The second activity was a kicking game. Wherever one of the coloured cones were set up you would kick from there (you got to choose which cone you wanted). White cone = +1 pt (easiest), red cone = +2 pts (harder), orange cone = +3 pts (hard). In a team you would take in turns kicking from a cone, if you got it in you would bring it back to your team, if you missed you did nothing. At the end you would count how many points you had in total, the team with the most won. The third activity we did was soccer. It was teamwork and coordination games including some fun twists and turns. There was a lot of laughs and enjoyment. Very entertaining.
In conclusion, the day was a heap of fun and was a lot more thrilling than everyone expected! I would definitely recommend doing something like this again.

By Maddison

The Phantom

Bradley and Joyful’s passion
On the 18/10/22 Bradley and Joyful came in to share their passion with the 5/6 classes here are some things that they shared with us.
They shared about the kid Phantom comics and who wrote them and who illustrated the pictures, did you know Bradley and Joyful own the prop submarine from the original 1996 phantom movie it weighs 630kgs! Bradley’s collection first stared in 1992-1993 but it started growing significantly in 1996 when the Phantom movie came out. Bradley and Joyful’s latest acquisition is a vinyl wrap on the back of their motorhome! Their collection has grown huge over the years and will only get bigger!
By Ryan

Today two visitors came to our school Bradley and Joyful. They told us about their collection of the phantom comics and how a comic and a book has changed their life.
The submarine used in The phantom was in their backyard.
They also have a cave in their backyard that is where the life sized phantom skull throne is. Joyful gave it to Bradley as a gift   They also went to Hume public school and presented  their props.  At Bradley and Joyful’s house they have a RV and behind it has a vinyl wrap on the RV that says “THE PHANTOM”
By Alex

On the 18th of October Joyful peach and Bradley came to our school to teach us about their passion of collecting everything phantom. They have a wide range from the comics to the submarine from the movie.
They even have custom made items such as a vinyl wrap on their motorhome and a skull throne.
By Aaron

St John's Field





Chapel - Yr 5/6 NC
Friday 21 October

Working Bee
Saturday 5 November

A library display spinner has been placed in the foyer of the school hall. There are a lot of invaluable books relating to all sorts of topics which concern parents, carers or grandparents ready for borrowing. If you would like to borrow any of the resources when you next visit the school please write your name in the book provided on the counter.

Chapel - Grandparents Day
Friday 28 October

2023 School Captain Speeches
Monday 31 October 9:30

2023 House Captain Speeches
Thursday 3 November 2:00pm

Thank You Library Helpers
We would like to thank the small group of volunteers who helped cover lots of new books for our students to use in the library.  

Reminder Sun safety
As a sun Smart School with Cancer Council Australia, we prioritise sun safety as part of caring for our students. We would like to remind all children to bring their hat to School and wear it every day.
Each classroom has sunscreen, however students are allowed to bring their own sunscreen to school if they have sensitive skin.
If children leave their hat at home they will need to play in the shade.


At St John's, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.
This week, w
e are praying for:

Week 1
Elsie Merkel
Johan Klaassen
Annabel & Eli Johnston
Arthur Lieschke
Phillipa Louwrier
Pavlina Vaccaro  

Week 2
Hannah Mitchell – Neal
Jethro Harper
Xander Grimmett
Finn Sutcliffe
Ava, Elsie & Laurie Godde
Amy Sonter  



Little Saints
Leon Bradbury
Piper O’Grady Moll


Clea Merrett
Kayla Bowditch
Gloria Wang
Year 2
Cruz Smith
Alex Chambers

Year 3/4 LK
Maison Holm
Eloise Schilg
William Frohling

Year 3/4 PV
Hannah Code
Isabella Chambers

Year 5/6 NC
Ella Terlich
Hugh Bridges

Year 5/6 FS
Vivienne Jarick
Axel Podubinski  

Walbundrie Show
Award recipients