Each week, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.  This week, we are praying for:

Mathew West, Daigan & Liam Whelan, Matthew Davis, Tully Heath, Pastor Christian.

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Yours in Christian service,


Brad MossPrincipal

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An Exciting New Term

A very brief insight into those areas are:

·  Individual learning support plans in collaboration with our Learning Enhancement Specialist, Alison and  classroom teachers/learning coaches to support student needs

·  Staff training to support student’s deep learning through thinking skills and thinking strategies

·  Staff training in autism awareness and supporting students on the spectrum

·  Staff training and targeted student support in spelling and reading

·  Implemented a new social skills program to enhance student ability to interact positively with their peers

·  Full audit in how we assess and use data to improve student outcomes

·  Heavily invested in class reading resources in all year levels

·  Updated our whole reading student assessment resources K-6

·  Invested in new decodable readers for home K-6

·  New iPads and Laptops K-6. All junior classes have a bank of 6 iPads and Laptops and Years 3-6 are now 1:1 with laptops and a bank of 6 iPads per class

This is a small snapshot of what we have been up to behind the scenes in Term 3. I can’t wait to be able to meet as a school community face-to-face to share these developments and showcase the data to share the growth and positive impact it is having on our students.

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It is always a great feeling to have our students back on school grounds following a holiday break. This feeling is amplified due to the disruption of COVID restrictions and remote learning throughout the year. To see a happy and energetic school with smiling students, energises our staff team.

I can’t speak highly enough of the collaboration, dedication and passion our staff has demonstrated over the challenging year so far!

We spent some time on Monday reflecting on the successes and progress we have been able to make throughout a COVID impacted 2020. I am looking forward to the moment we can gather as a school community to share in detail the data, growth and the targeted areas we have invested our energy into.

School Grounds Improvements

You may have noticed we are moving along with our upgrade and maintenance of St John’s. We believe these improvements will help to set a standard of excellence that will support those same levels of excellence we strive for with student learning. It is worth noting that these external improvements, whilst exciting, are secondary to the energy, commitment and investment we place on directly supporting our students in the classroom. Our school board members in collaboration with our staff team, are committed to ensuring every decision we make at our school, is to benefit our students.

A Strong Term 4 – With a Focus on Celebrating our Year 6 Students

We aim to make the end of 2020 a memorable experience for all our students, especially our Year 6 Team. We are planning some school events that have been missed, like the Cross Country, Spell Master, Master Mind so they can go ahead under the current COVID-19 restrictions. We are also taking our Year 6 students on a one-day excursion to The Great Aussie Resort as a way to celebrate their Primary School years at St John’s. We are also planning for our end of year graduation service and Year 6 dinner. More information to come regarding these important events.

Reporting and Parent Communication

We are in the process of developing a new assessment and reporting process for 2021. In the meantime, we are continuing to report as we have in previous years for the end of year Semester 2. This written report will be sent home in Week 9.

In addition to the formal reports, our staff team thought it would be beneficial to touch base with families early this term to share some of your child’s achievements and learning goals for the remainder of 2020. Keeping strong connections between school and home is a priority to us. We value your input and engagement in your child's learning, so over Weeks 2 and 3, your child's teacher will call you to find out how your child is going at home and let you know how they have been learning at school. The call will be a short catch-up, so if you have any larger matters you would like to discuss, please email your child’s teacher to organise a more formal meeting.  

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Last term, we had Papier Mache fun. We read ‘I Need a Parrot’ for Book Week. We decided to make our own parrots using Papier Mache. Messy, but fun.

Year 3/4PV

Year 2RT

The Year 2s had a very special visitor in the last week of Term 3.   Mrs Thomas' little dog 'Hudson' was a very welcome member of the class and received lots of pats and cuddles.  She was a very tired little dog at the end of the day!

dog 8


WEEK 10 - TERM 3

Kinder Grace Allan, Cruz Smith

Year 1 Sarah Francis, Deon Byers

Year 2 Meggie Kinning, Gan Ney Cole

Year 3/4LK

Lucy Wilson, Elijah Kinning

 Year 3/4 PVBen Code, Alannah Van Der Linde

Year 5/6 AMBEwan Bredenkamp, Edie Hacking

Year 5/6 CWDanielle Schulz, Samuel Howland

Plant Sale

Our plant sale was a huge success last Term.  

We managed to raise a generous $339.50 from plants that were kindly donated.  

Huge thanks to the parents and grandparents who brought in their plants to sell.  Thanks also to the awesome Year 6 Green Team for their organisation and managing skills!   




Next Wednesday 21 October 2020

There are a few photo envelopes still to come back to the office, please send them in as soon as possible, even if not purchasing photos. Thank you.

Students will be wearing their summer formal uniform for school photos this year.  

Boy's summer formal uniform: Navy shorts with blue short sleeve shirt, navy socks and black shoes.

Girl's summer formal uniform:  Blue and white checked tunic or checked blouse and navy shorts, white socks and black shoes.

Please check your child's uniform to make sure it's looking smart for the day.  We'd love to see clean, polished shoes and tidy hair for the photos.  Looking forward to a lovely sunny day and lots of smiles for the camera!


The theme for 2020 Book Week is "Curious Creatures, Wild Minds".  As usual, the fairly broad theme leaves plenty of room for creativity, so children have the opportunity to dress up as whatever character they like from their favorite book.

To spark a little inspiration, ask your children which book characters have interesting creatures they love, or which characters they think come up with the wildest ideas!  

Our parade will be on Thursday 29th October and will be live streamed so parents will be able to view it on facebook.

Book Club catalogues will be handed out today and they are due back on 28th October.

Have a great week!

Mrs Jo

It's the time of the year children love -

Book Week!