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Proverbs 15:4. A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit.

We are committed to use words that speak life into others at St John’s. We continually reflect on the how powerful our words are and the impacts words can have on others, both positive and negative.

In today’s world, it is becoming apparent that some young people are being influenced by the language around them. It is becoming more common for them to hear derogatory terms or offensive language on the streets, on social media channels, streaming services and in some forms of modern music. Proliferating the use of such language can sometimes normalise, glamorise and sanitise their impact, taking their meaning out of context. Words can be misconstrued to be hurtful, racist, homophobic, misogynistic or even discriminatory. Using disrespectful language is considered socially unacceptable, and if not addressed early, can become a serious problem.

The use of derogatory language or the act of swearing at someone, or about someone, is actually a form of verbal violence. It transgresses the usual rules of social interaction by impinging on an individual’s self-image and sense of dignity. Therefore, many schools enforce a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to such language. Parents and carers also need to play an important role in enforcing this approach by proactively monitoring what their children are viewing or being exposed to and discussing the use of words or their origin. This can help prevent inappropriate or disrespectful language being used in the classroom, school yard or other situations.

Whilst some students may use swearing or derogatory terms for attention seeking purposes, others may use it simply because they are still learning how to moderate their language. As young people develop their language skills, it is important for them to have a clear understanding of the impact of their choice of words on others and how their words can impact other people’s perspective of them - an important and essential skill to learn as they progress in their personal and professional development.



This term we have been focussing on the “I am curious” portion of our learner profile. Each week at assembly some brave representatives from a different class share with the school about what is making them curious. This week it was Year 2’s turn, and wow, what curious beings they are! Eden shared that she was curious about how shapes form in clouds, and Ari wondered how high helium balloons can go. It has been really great to have students share their thoughts with the whole school and we are looking forward to hearing from more of our students for the remainder of the term.

The 5/6 and 3/4 classes arrived back from their respective camps exhausted, but happy and bonded closer together. A huge thankyou to the staff for all of their hard work in preparing and attending the camps, and also to the parent volunteers. It has been fantastic that our camps have been able to go ahead this year, after the COVID enforced hiatus of the last two years.

Book Week is always an exciting time at St John’s and it was brilliant to see the whole school turn out in costumes on Tuesday, dressing to the overall theme of ‘dreaming with your eyes open’.

This week our Kinder, Year One and Year Two teachers are completing 2-days of English professional development. InitiaLit is an evidence-based whole-class literacy program providing all children with the essential core knowledge and strong foundations to become successful readers and writers. The NSW Department of Education is implementing a new K-2 syllabus which begins in 2023, hence, we are ensuring our teachers are upskilled and ready for this change. We will be sharing what some of the changes mean for our parent community at a later date.


It has been very busy in the dance classroom!
Our Junior Classes are in the process of deciding which dance they would like to focus on for their final project. We have covered many, from the Nutbush to more modern dances like the Cha Cha Slide. Each week I continue to be so impressed with their confidence and enthusiasm.

Year 3/4 are also in the refining stage. They will be working in small groups to practice a chosen dance. I look forward to seeing all of the skills and moves taught come to fruition in the coming weeks.

Our senior students went back to the 70’s last week, learning a dance sequence to ‘Stayin Alive’ by the Bee Gees. This week we will be moving into the 80’s. By the end of the term, the students will have one dance sequence, showing how dance has evolved through time.

Mrs Jessica Cottrell


Design Lab was all about our Book Week Parade this Tuesday! While dressed up in their Book Week costumes, students in Kinder to Year 2 enjoyed creating models from Lego or pictures from their chosen books. We had creations of the chocolate river in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory, a pirate ship, castles, the Queen’s crown and book covers. All made within 30 minutes! What a marvellously creative bunch of students we have at St John’s.

Anna-Marie Bothe




The Kinders celebrated the book week parade day by reading their books together and sitting and enjoying a variety of stories. We all then became authors and illustrators and wrote our own book about the book character we had dressed up as. It was a great afternoon of celebrating books and amazing stories!

Year 1

Last week, Year 1 learnt about multiplying and dividing in maths. We looked at some very tricky numbers to work out how many different ways we could divide them equally. Ask your child how many ways we can divide the number 29!

Year 2

What a fantastic Book Week Parade. The Year 2 students were excited to share their books as this is part of their PBL (Project Based Learning) learning.

Elsie dressed up as a Paper Doll. This book is about a little girl who makes paper dolls, and they go on an adventure.

Ivy’s book tells the life of Sam Kerr the soccer player.

Eden loves reading books by David Willams, and she dressed up as Gantsa Granny. This week some students shared at assembly why they are curious learners and how they want to find out more about their world. They asked questions like, why is the sun so hot? how far does a balloon go up in the sky? how old do trees live to? do fish go to sleep? The students researched their answers.

In maths, the students identified that multiplicative situations require rows, arrays and doubles and they used the correct language when describing this.

Year 3/4 PV & LK

Last week’s camp was an outstanding success on so many levels! The students were enthusiastic about every aspect of the camp. Starting at the aquarium, the highlights were many, but included- feeding of the penguins, touching shark eggs, the underwater walkway, the 4-D movie and the shark tank.

At the Melbourne Museum, students interacted with the many displays. The favourites included- the dinosaurs, the gold and gemstones (students could find out their worth in gold by stepping on scales), the replica early Australian home, bug and insect display and so much more.

We were comfortable staying at our accommodation at CYC, in the heart of Melbourne. It was quite an experience navigating through the foot traffic to get there. The students were very well fed and definitely not left hungry.

Our final day was spent at the zoo. We were blessed with great weather (no rain). Students explored in groups the entire zoo! They continued to learn about endangered animals and how the choices they make as a consumer that can impact animal populations.

Thank you to all the staff and parents for a great camp.



Year 3/4 LK

Students have had some great experiences to begin our PBL unit. Our launch event involved students role playing which animals Noah would no longer have to plan for if he were building another ark now. The students realised it would be filled with domestic animals and how many wild animals would be missing.

They also had a very informative and fun day out at Wirraminna learning about endangered animals and the coroboree frog.

The class have been working with great effect to improve their vocabulary and reading skills. Last week they reached their Class Goal of reading one million words! Each week they read, write in their Little Reading Books at home and complete a quiz on their book when they are at school. Now they are working towards two million words and five hundred books. Congratulations!

Year 5/6

This term our year 5/6 students are enjoying our agriculture/science topic for PBL. Our driving question is How can we as agronomists provide opportunities for students at our school to learn about sustainable farming?

Some of our groups have chosen vegetable gardens, flower gardens, worm farming, cropping, poultry and seed germination. Each Friday these groups with the help of Emma Chambers have been working hard in our school garden and getting things ready for our own St John’s Field Day at the end of the term.

To assist us in our projects we need some items, e.g., seeds, pot plant containers, succulents, mulch, potting mix, worm farms, old gum boots, etc.

If you have any of the above items, could you please drop them off at the 5/6 classroom?


Favourite parts:
My favourite parts of the Canberra camp where… AIS, breakfast and being able to act out as Prime Minister.

At AIS we got to have a feel of how it would be in the Olympics by using interactive elements all based around sport. It was super fun, especially when we got to have a shoot off with Mr Moss!

Breakfast was delicious! There were hash-browns, eggs, bacon, toast, spaghetti or baked beans, cereal and juice or water. It was one of the best school camp breakfasts.

At the New Parliament House, we got have feel on how it would be in a debate at the representative’s room. I got to be the Prime Minister, Ella got to be the Clark, Alice was my Minister, Sarah was my discipline, Elijah was a helper, Jonas was deputy Clark and David was the Speaker. I got to choose between two problems to solve, I chose ‘every child must do 3 hours of team sport per week.’ Most people were happy with that, except for the opposition (of course). My side won the vote, it was official! Overall, the camp was a bunch of fun! We got to create new friendships, encourage each other and enjoy all the different activities!

What I learnt:

I learnt how the voting system worked. The way they narrowed it down to the top two, then the winner was quite fascinating. Now I know how to do it for the future.

Seeing how the debates worked inside of the Representatives and Senates room felt like you were in the real thing! I know that it is a lot different compared to just a roleplay, but to me it was a very good way of explaining things.
Questacon used different technologies to teach us how different things work e.g., how earthquakes occur. It was a fun interactive way to learn about various aspects of our ecosystem!

Who I hung out with the most:
I mostly spent time with Ella M, Ella T, Sarah, Alice, Lucy and some of the boys. Except when it came down to the two different groups, we all got split up. But, in my group I mostly hung out with Ella M including Sarah, Alice and Lucy. We all had fun in our dorms and made new friendships with the St Paul’s kids. There were lots of laughs and a bunch of fun!
Overall, camp was a blast! It couldn’t have been better!
By Maddison Smith

The AEC,  was very interesting to learn about the voting system and how it works. My mum helps with the elections every time and now I know why she is so tired. The trip made me want to help with the elections when I am old enough.
I learnt about formal and informal votes and how to vote. I also learnt a little about how court works. And 3rd I learnt about scrutineer's and officials and how they count the votes.
By Freya

One of the things that was really  good in Canberra was when we went  to Questacon it was really  fun because there was so many interactive thing there that were fun and educational, we even had dinner at Questacon.
Another thing that was good in Canberra was the AIS (Australian Institute of  Sport) It was really  fun because they had simulation games of the sporting events the athletes go in.
1.I learnt that Old Parliament House is used now more as a museum about Parliament History.
2. That in Parliament House there is two rooms the house of Representatives and the Senate.
3.The AIS has Australian athletes from all over Australia.
By Harper

My favourite activity on the excursion was going to the new parliament house and learning about how to take care of bills and how the government side and the opposition and how they debate on new laws.

I learnt that the Queen must agree on new laws in the house of representatives and everyone has a voice on their new prime minister even if  they not old enough to vote.
By Phoenix

Book Week
Last Friday our 5/6 class were inspired by Ms Mel’s daughter Alannah who gave us an art lesson tied in with Book Week. Alannah also shared some of her work from her portfolio and then assisted our students as they created their artworks. Thanks Alannah for sharing with us your passion and creativity.

National Tree Planting Day
The year 5/6 students at St John’s walked down to the Jindera Wetlands on Thursday the 28th of July, to plant trees and shrubs for National Tree Planting Day. The students had such a fun time planting.

Father Bob started a group called Friends of Jindera Wetlands. Everyone in that group help look after the wetlands. We planted:
30 kangaroo grass
40 lomandra longfolia
40 poa labiliardierei
40 callistemon sieberi
3 bottle brushes

We planted over 150 plants. When we planted the trees and shrubs, we put plastic guards around them to protect them so they can grow and not get destroyed. Nerida, Father Bobs wife made us some delicious morning tea.

By Aylena, Julia, Lyla, Ella T (Environmental Team)

Wagga Netball
On Monday the 8th of August we went to a Wagga netball carnival and played in a mixed team of year 6’s in the phase 2 netball and played 5 games all together lost the first two and won the other two which was enough to get us in the constellation final. We won that but it was a constellation final so we could not go to the grand final. All together it was a fun experience and I hope to see our school in wagga again. A special thank you to Di Tracey and April Piltz also our team for getting to the next level together. We would like to congratulate the teams that got to Sydney we wish you the best there!
By Jonas Piltz


The children at TNT have been enjoying their creative free play activities.




Chapel - House Captains
Friday 26 August

ICAS Mathematics
Tuesday 30 August

We are after any one who would be able to help out with covering books

A new box of books have arrive at the Library, if anyone would like to help out with covering books it would be greatly appreciated

Week 6, 22-26 August, 2022
This year’s Book Week theme is Dreaming with Eyes Open.
Classes will read one of the shortlisted books from the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Awards during the week and enjoy a related art and craft activity. What a great week of celebrating books and reading!

BOOK FAIR – Week 7, Tuesday 30 Aug – Thursday 1 September, 2022
The Book Fair is a way students can purchase books at school. All funds go towards more new books for our library. Stationery is also available for purchase.
Students can either take home a wish list of books they would like to buy (online payment instructions on the back for parents) or bring money to school to buy books.
The Book Fair will be open only at lunchtime (11:15-11:45 am) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Week 7. Students will also be able to view books in their class library lessons to help them decide what they would like to buy.

Fathers Day Gift Stall 2022
In preparation for Father’s Day this year, we are again offering children the chance to purchase a small gift. On Friday 2nd September, a stall will be set up at school and each class will be given the opportunity to select a special memento for their dad or significant person.
If students are purchasing a gift, they will need to bring $5 to be handed to their teacher on the morning of the 2nd September during rollcall.


At St John's, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.
This week, w
e are praying for:

Week 5
Betty Blackman
Sarah & Zoe Bergmeier
Hugh Bridges Alice Cosser
Tennyson & Ashlyn Deegan
Melanie Barnes

Week 6
Elspeth, Lincoln & Meredith Heinrich
Frankie & Maxton Marshall
Chad McPherson
Fiona Schulz



Little Saints
Theo Bakes & Morgan Mason, Lola Armstrong & Lachlan Paris

Harrison Lynch & Evie Wright
Norah Heath & Ryder Bakes
Year 1
Frankie Marshall & Ava Godde
Year 2
Raymond Lynch & Grace AllanElsie Merkel & Jethro Harper

Year 3/4 LK
Elspeth Heinrich & Louise Jarrick
Billie Groenewald & Jett Smith

Year 3/4 PV
Deon Byers & Darcy Wright
Thomas Chambers & Frankie Tuohey  

Year 5/6 NC
Jake Sumbler & Aylena Miller
Year 5/6 FS
Harper Baird & Hannah Mitchell-Neal