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Students, staff and parent helpers are having a fun-filled adventure on the 5/6 camp in Canberra this week.
We have immersed ourselves in the flora and fauna at the Botanic Gardens, respectfully reflected at the War Memorial and taken in the heights & sights of the design skills of Walter Burley Griffin. Spending time together highlights the importance and the need of devoting time towards building relationships. Trust in relationships is the foundation of a safe school and creating a positive learning environment.Our 5/6 camp is a great opportunity to continue to build these important relationships within our students and staff.  


Week three saw our Junior school excitedly heading off for their daily intensive swimming lessons at Gould Swimming Academy. These lessons are an invaluable time for children to continue to develop their skills in swimming and learn more about water safety.

Mrs K finalised her busy athletics schedule this term when she and Mr Cunningham accompanied quite a few of our senior students to the RAS carnival at Alexandra Park. Our students competed wholeheartedly in the day and represented our school with pride. Some notable performances were our 10-year-old boys relay team ran second, Eve Barclay won discus, Levi Wilson and Madison Baker were both runner up in their age groups. Further results are yet to be sent to us. Congratulations to the whole team, and a special thankyou to Mrs K for all of her work in organising this huge event.

Teachers have been busy preparing and delivering their entry events for PBL units this term. It has been fantastic to see and hear the children’s excitement and engagement in these activities. The 3/4 classes created a modern version of Noah’s Ark and are now finding out more about endangered species in our area, while Kinder made their own indoor cubby houses (using sheets and blankets) and created a sense of belonging.

The 5/6 team were up bright and early on Wednesday morning, travelling to Canberra for their excursion. We pray that they have a wonderful time away and are looking forward to hearing their stories of curiosity upon their return.


We have been having a wonderful time in Dance Class for the last few weeks. I am seeing increased confidence and stronger self-awareness in the students. Over the last fortnight, they have had the opportunity to explore stories, create ideas and move through music. This type of creative thinking and self-expression are important skills that are transferrable to all subjects taught in the curriculum, as well as the student’s future professional career and life.

The Junior students have been learning a dance to Rockin’ Robin by Jackson 5. The students have found some of the movements very quick, but are displaying grit and perseverance in learning the steps.

Year 3 and 4 have been learning about Australian Bush Dances, mainly the Heel and Toe Polka as well as line dancing.

Year 5 and 6 went back to the 1950’s learning the Hand Jive and a group dance to Do You Love me? by The Contours.

Mrs Jessica Cottrell


All classes have been working through the second stage of the Design Process: IMAGINE. Our design driving question is: How might we create a new version of an invention that already exists to make it even more useful for people?

We have learnt that many designers come up with at least 100 ideas before they even begin the process of selecting their best one! Although we’re not coming up with that many ideas, students are imagining multiple versions of an invention they have chosen.

I have been blown away by how creative and enthusiastic our students at St John’s are in imagining ideas. We have used a range of thinking strategies to help us when we get ‘stuck’ and have learnt that it is amongst the least obvious ideas that we will discover the ‘golden idea’ – something no one has invented yet.

Anna-Marie Bothe




We made to 100 days of Kinder! We are all much wiser, smarter and taller now. We had a great day celebrating all the new things we’ve learnt and new experiences had so far in Kinder. The dress-ups were amazing, all relating to the number 100. We explored the number 100 in Maths, wrote about what we would do if we were 100 years old, wrote 100 words (we totalled 250 words!), and created an old self-portrait. It was a great day all round and we are so proud of all the Kinder students and how far they have come.

Year 1

Year 1 had a wonderful time last week at Gould for swimming lessons. It was fantastic to see everyone giving all of the activities a go and building confidence in the water!

Year 2

Year 2 displayed grit and perseverance during their swimming lessons. They gained confidence over the week and developed their skills as well as learning new skills and having fun.

There was much excitement when they saw their room transformed into movie theatre for the PBL Entry Event. Some students even enjoyed gold class seating and were excited to receive these tickets.  They listened to stories told of the dreamtime, fables, real life stories, imaginative stories, and a reader’s theatre, while enjoying popcorn and chips.

This all tied into the driving question, ‘How can we tell our stories through all forms of Literacy that has the social impact to inspire others?  We finished the week making 3Dimensional shapes out of string and investigating a Scientist for an information report.

We finished the week making 3Dimensional shapes out of string and investigating a Scientist for an information report.

Year 3/4 PV

Week 2 trip to Wirraminna

At Wirraminna we had tons of fun. We all had an awesome time seeing the indigenous wall with the boomerangs. I learnt a lot about biodiversity and endangered animals and plants.
By Thomas

We did a ghost hunt and my friends and I had the greatest time. We learnt about the corroboree frog.
They are endangered with only 50 left in the wild.
By Luke

At Wirraminna we had a ghost hunt. If you don’t know what that is, here’s all you need to know. There were 20 white cut-outs of animals that used to live there. If you found them all you got a sticker. It was very tricky though but also extremely fun. We saw ponds and trees and felt a fresh gentle breeze. After we finished finding the ghost cut-outs then we had lunch. Then the tour guide (Stacee) taught us about endangered species- especially the corroboree frog. She even had a tank filled with corrobboree frogs. We could only see one because the others were hiding. After that, we looked at Stacee’s display of stuffed animals and different types of tools the indigenous used. Then we hopped on the bus and went back to school.
By Ricky

At Wirraminna we learnt about endangered species of animals such as Feather-Tailed Gliders, Corroboree Frogs, Koalas, Swamp Wallabies and more. It was a wonderful experience to get to learn about different animals and the different facts like- the Corroboree frogs live in an endangered moss at Mount Kosciusko. It was Amazing!
By Gan Ney  

Corroboree Frog

At Wirraminna we got to see a CorroboreeFrogs. We learnt that there is only 25 and under left in the wild that they are dyingfrom Chytridiomycosis. It is where frogs gets fungus growing on their skin causing the frog                                         to die.  It is caused by direct contact between frogs and tadpoles. chytridiomycosis
By Xavier S

Year 3/4 LK

Students have had some great experiences to begin our PBL unit. Our launch event involved students role playing which animals Noah would no longer have to plan for if he were building another ark now. The students realised it would be filled with domestic animals and how many wild animals would be missing.

They also had a very informative and fun day out at Wirraminna learning about endangered animals and the coroboree frog.

The class have been working with great effect to improve their vocabulary and reading skills. Last week they reached their Class Goal of reading one million words! Each week they read, write in their Little Reading Books at home and complete a quiz on their book when they are at school. Now they are working towards two million words and five hundred books. Congratulations!

Year 5/6

Agriculture Excursion

On Monday the 1st of August we went on an agriculture excursion because in PBL we are looking into sustainability.

The first place we went to was St Paul’s in Walla Walla, because they have a community garden. All the students had their own garden beds in St Paul’s.
They grew things like: Purple cauliflower, Lettuce, Broccoli and a lot of other great things.

They put some flowers in parts of the garden beds to keep the bees coming. My favourite thing that happened was the demonstrations and when they showed us lot of thing that we passed around to each other. After that we went to St Paul’s, we went to the Lindner’s farm. At their farm they had sheep and they showed us what dagging is and how to do it. They also told us why they shear sheep before they have their lambs. It is because when they have their lambs it tends to be cold. So, by shearing them the ewe in winter, she will go and find shelter and have her lamb in a warm place. Also, if a sheep has a full coat when they get wet it is really heavy and it is hard for them to get back up when they fall down. After we went to the Lindner’s farm we went to the Schulz’s farm. At the Schulz’s farm we looked at their cows and a lot of them had just had calves. Brad told us some information about the cows and then he took us up to is crop and told us a lot of really cool information about the crops. That was what we did on our Agriculture Excursion
By, Harper

Farm Excursion
On Monday I went to St Paul’s college, Ash Lindner’s farm and Brad Schulz’s farm. At the college I worked at the worm farm. At Ash Lindner’s farm we looked at the sheep that were lambing and he shore a sheep. At brad Schulz’s farm he showed us what cows and crops he grows. He also told us about lupins.
By Casey

Farming Excursion
On Monday we went on a farming excursion. At 9:30am we hopped on the bus and went to St Paul's college when we arrived there, we had a look at their worm farm. Then we had a look at the garden beds there was lettuce basil and a lot more then after that we went to a farm.
The farm was owned by Ash when we got there we went where the lambs stay, we had lunch then he gave the lamb a trim. Then a girl walked in and gave us scones, they were good. Then we walked to this forest place, we saw a ewe giving birth to a little baby lamb. Then we went back on the bus to Mrs Schulz’s house when we arrived, we went into her house to put all our bags down. Brad Schulz showed us what he grows. He grows black angus cows and crop. He also told us about lupins that it put nitrogen into the ground.
By Marco.


The children at TNT have been enjoying their creative free play activities.




Chapel - YR 1
Friday 12 August

ICAS English Assessment
Tuesday 16 August

We are after any one who would be able to help out with covering books

A new box of books have arrive at the Library, if anyone would like to help out with covering books it would be greatly appreciated

Week 6, 22-26 August, 2022
This year’s Book Week theme is Dreaming with Eyes Open.
Classes will read one of the shortlisted books from the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Awards during the week and enjoy a related art and craft activity. What a great week of celebrating books and reading!

BOOK WEEK PARADE – Tuesday 23rd August, 2022
This exciting event will be held in our school hall, beginning at around 9:30 am. Children can come dressed up as a character from a book or in line with the Book Week theme. Parents / family members are welcome to come along to this fun celebration of books!

BOOK FAIR – Week 7, Tuesday 30 Aug – Thursday 1 September, 2022
The Book Fair is a way students can purchase books at school. All funds go towards more new books for our library. Stationery is also available for purchase.
Students can either take home a wish list of books they would like to buy (online payment instructions on the back for parents) or bring money to school to buy books.
The Book Fair will be open only at lunchtime (11:15-11:45 am) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Week 7. Students will also be able to view books in their class library lessons to help them decide what they would like to buy.

Excursion to Melbourne Yrs 3/4
Wednesday 17 to Thursday 18 August


At St John's, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.
This week, w
e are praying for:

Week 3
Victor, Ian & Gloria Wang
Jett & Cruz Smith Sarah & Luke Schulz
Ryder Reid
Charlene Walsh

Week 4
Liam, Daigan & Paige Whelan
Julia Scholz
James Schmidt
Lily & Grace Ross
Brad Moss



Little Saints
Audrey Vitullo & Philippa Louwrier

Grayson Cox & Eddyson Allen – Cameron
Year 2
Graciella McKendrick & Eden Lawrence

Year 3/4 LK
Leo Jensen, Zayden Chapel & Zoe Hancock
Year 3/4 PV
Xavior Sarrofff & Johan Klaassen
Year 5/6 NC
Jake Gaston & Noah Pitman
Year 5/6 FS
Victor Wang, Phoenix Fraser & Casey Feuerherdt