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In Chapel last week, I shared where and who we get our courage from. I showed our students a video from a few years ago where I launched off a ledge in New Zealand. The message was in the form of an analogy of the bungee cord connected to my harness is like Jesus connected to us. We can confidently step into any challenging environment with the confidence and COURAGE that Christ is always there with us. Our courage comes from knowing he will always be there.


and literacy intervention. It was held at St John's and was led by an Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist. Shannon has also been working throughout the past few months with staff from Walla and Henty to develop administrative processes and share skillsets between our colleagues in the three schools. The goal for all of our staff at St John's is to continue to build professional capacity with the goal to benefit the learning experiences of our students. The power of collaboration is in full swing at St John's!

We hope you all had an opportunity to spend time as a family and make some great memories over the break! It was fantastic to see our students back and ready for another solid term of learning. Our teachers spent the first Monday at a professional development day in Wagga with peers from St Paul's and Wagga Lutheran School, learning about the new K-2 English syllabus. They focused on teaching practices in vocabulary and comprehension with AISNSW consultant, Sue Pike. Our Learning Coaches participated in a full-day PD session on supporting students with heightened emotions


Well, what a fantastic start we have had to Term Three!

Staff Professional Development
On Monday 18th July, our teaching staff travelled across to Lutheran School Wagga Wagga to engage in professional development on the new K-2 English curriculum. It was great to be able to connect with other Lutheran Schools and continue to develop a strong relationship of sharing and collegiality. Teachers were upskilled on the importance of vocabulary and comprehension when mastering reading. Having visited classrooms since Monday, we know that teachers have already been using strategies learned in Wagga. Learning Coaches were very busy also, having professional development provided by a speech therapist and an occupational therapist. Both allied health professionals gave our Learning Coaches an insight into what they do, and how our coaches are crucial in providing small group intervention for students of all abilities. They also gave our learning coaches new strategies to implement with children if their emotions are heightened.

Athletics Carnival
Thursday 21st July turned out to be a glorious day at Alexander Park, and our whole school had a fabulous time at the athletics carnival. A special shout out to Mrs K who organised the day brilliantly, to Mrs Walsh and Miss Mitchell who organised the junior events, and also to our teachers, parent volunteers and St Paul’s Walla students. The camaraderie amongst students was so pleasing to see, with excellent examples of sportsmanship being displayed across the day at every event; students clapping and cheering for everyone and shaking hands after results were given. The winning house was Goessling, followed extremely closely by Dight and then not too far behind at all by Luther.

St Johns Lutheran School will be participating in the ICAS competitions this year.

What is ICAS?
ICAS is an online academic competition that is designed to assess students’ higher order thinking and problem-solving skills in English, Mathematics, Science, Writing, Spelling Bee and Digital Technologies. Each assessment celebrates students’ accomplishments by providing opportunities for recognition and development. Every student who participates will receive a printed certificate and an online results report. Top performers will be eligible for medals.



We encourage you to consider entering your child into ICAS this year. The competition is open to students from Years 2 to 6. Information about ICAS and how to register by visiting http://icasassessments.com.

Please click on the button below to read the ICAS Assessments letter

How to participate in ICAS
If you wish for your child to participate in ICAS this year, please:
1. Read about ICAS subjects and prices here:
2. Go to Parent Portal here:
3. Enter our school's access code – YKR956
4. Enter your child's details, select the tests you would like to purchase, then proceed to payment.
5. The cut off date for purchasing assessments is August 1 2022.
Please note that the ICAS tests shown for selection are at the school's discretion. After payment is made via the Parent Payment System, you will receive an order confirmation email, please keep this for your records.  We will notify you of the date(s) that we run ICAS at the school and when your child's ICAS results are ready. You and your child can access the results once released via the Reports Portal using the TAP ID and pin found on the back of the ICAS certificate.



9 Year Girls Age Champion – Scarlett Barber
9 Year Girls Runner Up – Indi Knight
9 Year Girls 3rd Place – Emma Sumbler
9 Year Boys Age Champion – Johan Klaassen
9 Year Boys Runner Up – Jett smith
9 Year Boys 3rd Place – Luke Schulz
10 Year Girls Age Champion – Maddison Baker
10 Year Girls Runner Up – Lara Male
10 Year Girls 3rd Place – Hannah Code
10 Year Boys Age Champion – Levi Wilson
10 Year Boys Combined Runner Up – Hudson Piltz
10 Year Boys Combined Runner Up – Ryder Reid

11 Year Girls Age Champion – Vivienne Jarick
11 Year Girls Runner Up – Alannah Van Der Linde
11 Year Girls 3rd Place – Hannah Mitchell–Neal
11 Year Boys Age Champion – Victor Wang
11 Year Boys Runner Up – Joel Proos
11 Year Boys 3rd Place – Billy Proctor
12 Year  Girls Age Champion – Maddison Smith
12 Year Girls Runner Up – Ella McGrath
12 Year Girls 3rd Place – Olivia White
12 Year Boys Age Champion – Jonas Piltz
12 Year Boys Runner Up – Henry Allan
12 Year Boys 3rd Place – Liam Whelan


This term in Creative Arts, our students are studying Dance. By participating in dance, the students are not only learning the dance elements, but they are also developing their communication abilities, problem-solving techniques, and creative and critical thinking skills.

The Junior students are exploring a range of movements to convey ideas, feelings and moods. In Year 3/4, the students are learning all about Dance as a form of celebration, starting with the Nutbush! The Senior students are learning all about how dance has evolved through the decades starting with the 1920’s until now.

I have been so impressed with how all of the students have enthusiastically stepped outside of their comfort zone and encouraged each other.

Jess Cottrell, Creative Arts Teacher


Our focus in Design Lab this term is learning more about each step of the Design Process, which is used in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) and by all sorts of people involved in creating or designing. In Weeks 1 and 2 we are learning about the ASK (generating questions) and IMAGINE (coming up with creative ideas and many possibilities) steps in the design process. Students will choose an existing invention and improve it so that it can better meet the needs of people.
Anna-Marie Bothe




There was a lot of excitement in the room this week when the Kinders found out they were building cubbies in the classroom! In small groups, they worked together to create a cubby that was special to them and that they could do their learning in throughout the day. This was our opener event for our PBL unit which is about special places around us and what makes them special.

The students said the cubbies made them feel happy, cosy, safe, excited and special.

We asked some Kinders about how making the cubbies in the classroom made them wonder and this is what some of them said:
Elsie- ‘It made me wonder why we made cubbies in the classroom.
’Evie W & Ivy: ‘It made me wonder why they are so special.
’Ashlynn, Evie P. & Paige: ‘It made me wonder whether we could make cubbies somewhere else.’

We can’t wait to see what this unit will be all about!

Year 1

This week, we had some very special visitors arrive in Year 1... The Year 5/6 Perfect Pets crew delivered 3 canaries to our room for us to take care of. We have been busy researching canaries and have incorporated our research into English as we learn to write information reports. Year 1 voted on names for our new friends and chose first, middle and last names. We are delighted to introduce Junie Maddison Sapphire, Scarlett Penny Whitetail and Lewis Ollie Cheep Cheep.

Year 1 had a fantastic time at the Athletics Carnival last week. It was so wonderful to see all the learners participating in all the different activities! The focus on fun instead of winning really allowed the Year 1s to work hard to beat their personal bests and channel their competitiveness. Thank you to all the family members who came to help out and cheer Year 1 on.

Year 2

Excitement is building for our Gould Swimming Lessons next week. Also, excitement is building for our PBL Entry Event this week. The photo shows that just maybe books are involved and popcorn.  In our vocabulary lesson we looked at words from the story Mr. Archimedes ‘Bath, by Pamela Allen. The students discussed the words from the book including, ‘overflowed’ they then experimented with toy animals to prove this theory.  

In Mathematics Year 2 are participating in activities that will help make them curious learners. They learnt 2 new Math’s games
101 and you’re out!
Making 10 on naughts and crosses

The following are some of their responses to the new games and their learning

  • Tyson- the games help with my counting and how to work with numbers.
  • Lily- the games help me think creatively.
  • Noah- the games help my learning and understanding.
  • Ivy- the games help my mind grow and help me think at math's differently.


Our Writing focus is on Information Reports. The students  researched their favourite Australian animal and recorded important facts to include in their reports.

Jethro found out that stone fish live for 5-10yrs.
Ari, saltwater crocodiles are predators to little fish.
Coral is the longest living animal. Eden

Year 3/4 PV

Students are working in groups to do a Word Cline. This was an introductory activity for this term’s PBL. Students had to place words in an order from least to most. The activity provided a lot of discussion e.g. Is it better to be SAFE or to be THRIVING?
Our class has a new guinea pig cage. Thank you Mrs Schulz, for looking after Chocolate and Caramel over the school holidays.

Year 3/4 LK

Term 3 has started with a lot of excitement about our overnight trip to Melbourne happening in Week 5 of this term. During Maths we have been covering the topic of Position and they have been developing their understandings of vocabulary such as legends, scale and coordinates. Part of their learning involves planning out their itineraries to make the best use of their time at the zoo, aquarium and the museum.

Year 5/6

School Band
Last term on the Friday, our School Band performed in Chapel. Members of the school band are: Vivienne Jarick, Billy Proctor, Hannah Mitchell Neal, Julia Scholz, Ben Wenke and Zoe Podubinski. These students have been practising at lunchtimes, twice a week and have shown wonderful improvement in their abilities. This Friday they performed again for our school and we certainly look forward to them playing again. Thank you so much Chaplain Peter who is their mentor.

National Tree Planting Day
This Thursday the 28th of July we are participating in the Planet Ark’s National Tree Planting Day. Thousands of other volunteers across the country in Australia participate in this community nature care event.  Our Year 6 Enviro Team – Aylena, Ella T, Lyla and Julia have helped organise this event. Our 5/6 class will be walking to the Jindera Wetlands. Our Friends of Jindera Wetlands orgainser Father Bob met with us last term and shared with our class about this beautiful spot. He educated us about all the plants that are grown in that area and orientated us about where we will be planting some more natives. Toni Terlich from Petaurus has assisted us too in this special day and has kindly donated the plants and resources that we will be needing. What a wonderful way in helping make our planed a better place, one plant at a time.

Graffiti Presentation
On Monday the 25th of July, our 5/6 class thoroughly enjoyed a presentation from Xavier from Melbourne who presented a "Graffiti Prevention Through Life Skills Education" presentation. Respect, responsible action and positive decision were the core themes which provided the platform for the anti-graffiti message. Throughout the presentation students learnt about choices and consequences and were provided with strategies for dealing with peer pressure and bullying. Xavier also raised students self esteem, provided guidance about decision making and respect for self and others.




Chapel - YR 5
Friday 29 July

Gould Swimming Lessons Yrs K-2
Monday 1 to Friday 5 August

We are after any one who would be able to help out with covering books

A new box of books have arrive at the Library, if anyone would like to help out with covering books it would be greatly appreciated

Week 6, 22-26 August, 2022
This year’s Book Week theme is Dreaming with Eyes Open.
Classes will read one of the shortlisted books from the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s Awards during the week and enjoy a related art and craft activity. What a great week of celebrating books and reading!

BOOK WEEK PARADE – Tuesday 23rd August, 2022
This exciting event will be held in our school hall, beginning at around 9:30 am. Children can come dressed up as a character from a book or in line with the Book Week theme. Parents / family members are welcome to come along to this fun celebration of books!

BOOK FAIR – Week 7, Tuesday 30 Aug – Thursday 1 September, 2022
The Book Fair is a way students can purchase books at school. All funds go towards more new books for our library. Stationery is also available for purchase.
Students can either take home a wish list of books they would like to buy (online payment instructions on the back for parents) or bring money to school to buy books.
The Book Fair will be open only at lunchtime (11:15-11:45 am) on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Week 7. Students will also be able to view books in their class library lessons to help them decide what they would like to buy.

RAS Athletics
Tuesday 2 August


At St John's, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.
This week, w
e are praying for:

Week 1
Jake & Kade Anderson
Adam & Lucas Ballentine
Isaac Clayton - Wallace
Gan Ney Cole
James Morey

Week 2
Darcy Wright
Ben, Holly & Sophie Wenke
Eloise Sutcliffe
Ari & Brooklyn Severin
Peter Reed



Little Saints
Molly Barclay

Chloe Oates & Harrison Lynch
Year 1
Thomas Hancock & Fletcher Barber
Year 2
Tennyson Deegan & Thea Kinning

Year 3/4 LK
Eve Barclay & Levi Wilson
Year 3/4 PV
Tully Heath & Jaxon Fraser
Year 5/6 NC
Charlie Papakostas & Sarah Schulz
Year 5/6 FS
Maddison Smith & Henry Allan