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St John’s is Back in Action

The Arts - We farewell Jessica Cottrell this term in her role as The Arts Teacher. Jessica has done a wonderful job teaching our K-6 students dancing this term. Jessica will remain on our casual teaching list so we will no doubt see her again soon.

Emma Miles will be the new Arts Teacher for Term 4. Emma is a valued employee of St John’s and has been on maternity leave for the past two years. Emma will be focusing on music with our K-6 students.

Year 1 – Brittney Mitchell has been teaching Year 1 whilst Therese Schmidt has been on leave. Due to Brittney’s university commitments, she will finalising her employment with us at the end of this term. We thank Brittney for her efforts and contributions towards our students and our staff team throughout the year. We pray blessings on her future endeavours.

Ruth King will be leading the Year 1 team in partnership with Tanya Stein as the Learning Coach. We welcome Ruth back to the teaching team.

Targeted Student Support – We welcome Therese Schmidt back next Term in a targeted student support role on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Therese will provide 1:1 and small group support to students requiring further consolidation of learning.

TNT – Before and After School Care – We are still in the processes of appointing a second staff member in TNT. We acknowledge the challenges of capping numbers at 15 may currently present to some families. We hope to resolve this staffing gap by the beginning of Term 4. If you know of any suitable candidates, please encourage them to follow our enquiry process.

Term 3 has been the term where the life of the school has ramped back up to pre-pandemic levels. We’ve been on our Year 3-6 camps, had a massive number of father figures join us for Father’s Day Chapel, our PBL showcases have been well supported by families and our 2023 Kindergarten transition days are in full swing!  It is fantastic to see so many families back on site and sharing in the learning at our school.

Term 4 Staffing at St John’s

New Administration Officer – This new role will be an addition to the administration team that will support our school in communication, operational processes and general school organisation. Please see our application process and pass on to anyone interested.


A Prayer for Queen Elizabeth II

With the sad news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, it is important we acknowledge her role as Head of State and a fitting way to do so is through prayer.

We pray in thanks of Queen Elizabeth the Second, for an historic reign and a long life devoted to duty, family, faith and service.

We offer our deepest condolences to the Royal Family, who are grieving for a beloved mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

Our hearts go out to the people of the United Kingdom who mourn today, knowing they will feel they have lost part of what makes their nation whole.

We thank her for her seven remarkable decades on the throne, Her Majesty was a rare and reassuring constant amidst rapid change. She embodied and exhibited a timeless decency and an enduring calm.

We give thanks for Queen Elizabeth the Second, in Jesus Name, AMEN.

Public Holiday

Due to the announcement of a National Day of Mourning for the Queen, we can confirm the school will be closed on Thursday 22 September. Our final day for Term 3 will be Friday 23 September.

See you in Term 4

Thank you for you continued support of our staff and school. We look forward to a collaborative and exciting Term 4!

We pray for a safe and fun-filled term break and can’t wait to see you all on Tuesday 11 October.


We can’t believe it is the end of term already. What a busy term it has been for all of our students. We are incredibly proud of all of the learning that has taken place both inside and outside of our classrooms. Our teachers and learning coaches are continually working at further developing their teaching practice, and we thank them for their hard work this term on this and in planning engaging learning experiences for our students.

A reminder to all families that this Thursday, 22nd September, is a pupil free day due to the National Public Holiday for the National Day of Mourning for Her Majesty The Queen.

Our last day of term, Friday 23rd September, is a Community Day which does not involve normal classes. Parents were notified of this via email last week. Please contact the office if you did not receive that email.

With the warmer weather (hopefully) upon us in Term 4, we have conducted a review of the variety of student-led clubs which have been happening this term. We are looking to encourage our students to “work hard and play hard’ all the time at St John’s, so we have decided to make some changes to the clubs on offer in Term 4. These changes have come about due to student participation and desire to introduce new activities. Please see below for what is on offer. You will see that there are activities each day and that alternative spaces are provided for students who may want some quieter time away from the playground. Of particular note is the introduction of semi-structured games that our Year 5 students will be leading. This is one way that we are encouraging them to develop their leadership skills as they move towards being our school leaders in 2023.

If students have ideas for clubs that they would like run, they are more than welcome to pitch their ideas to Mr Moss, Mrs Jafari or Mrs Bothe. They need to come up with a plan for how the club would work, where it would occur and what they need for it to be successful.

We hope that our students and families have a safe and enjoyable holiday. We look forward to seeing you back at school for another fantastic term of learning!


In Creative Arts we love being creative. We engage, we are passionate. We learn about relationships by working closely with our classmates. In Creative Arts we use higher order thinking skills like decision making, analysing, evaluating and reviewing. We love taking risks and are in a supportive environment where the culture is that it is okay to make mistakes, as it is through mistakes we learn.
In Creative Arts our class looks like chaos to the uninitiated. In Creative Arts we make noise, some of our highest quality work happens while we are making noise. As a result, we learn collaboratively better than most students do, problem solve as much as the maths students, and experiment more often than science students.

Quite often, students can enter the Creative Arts classroom with reservations. It can be uncomfortable or seen as a subject that isn’t as important as others. St John’s students are very lucky to have the support of the school in the recognition of this subject. It has been so wonderful to see the students gain an appreciation for Dance, particularly from those who initially showed resistance or were hesitant. I am looking forward to seeing all of the skills they have learned in their final performances next week.

Jessica Cottrell


What a treat it has been to see the deep thought of our students come to fruition as they have finalised their designs and created models of improvements to inventions that already exist. Our designs addressed the question: How might we make inventions even more helpful for people?

K-2 students have explained their improved inventions in detail, either in writing or verbally, with detailed pictures or diagrams. The Lego models of their designs have been on display in the Design Lab, much to the fascination of other students in the school!

3-6 students have put a great deal of time and effort into using thinking tools to analyse their top ideas for improved inventions. One of the tools they have used is a SWOT analysis, as shown in the diagram below. This is a thinking strategy used in a range of professions to think deeply about ideas before selecting the best option. We have been learning about how important this stage is in the Design Process so that we can then compare and evaluate ideas before creating a product.

Again, I am so impressed with our students’ encouragement of one another in their collaboration and responding to each other’s work. Here are a few examples of the designs students across year levels have worked on this term:




This term, Kindergarten have been exploring places that are special to themselves and others and what makes them special. We all completed a survey in the classroom, and it showed that the classroom didn’t feel like a special place for some students, which is where our driving question came from- 'How can I make the classroom feel like a special place?'.

So, the students began planning, designing and reflecting on what they could create to make the classroom feel special. We then were able to showcase our creations to our parents at the PBL Showcase afternoon. The Kinders were so excited and did such a great job of explaining the design process, how they made their creation and why it made the classroom feel special. Well done Kinders, we are so proud of the hard work you have put in to making the classroom feel so special!        

Year 1

Year One’s PBL for this term has been about our favourite place. After lots of learning, discussion, ideating and refining, they have produced some fantastic work with various creative ways of showcasing their favourite places. Some students even chose to present using Canva, a digital technology platform that allows some amazing graphic designs to be created.  

Year One have been blessed with the “Travelling Trio” – an Echidna named Archie, an Eastern Quol named Dottie and an Emu named Elsie. These furry soft toys have been going home with the year one students and getting into mischief with them! Year one then practise their public speaking skills in sharing with their classmates what they have been doing. Year one have such fun with the Travelling Trio!

Year 2

What has been happening in the Year 2 classroom?

This term we have been learning to self-regulate our own feelings and have been using our toolbox to calm down after breaks. Some students like to stretch their bodies and exercise. Others just like to do jigsaws, read, use a sensory item, or just listen to calming music. All these strategies are helping the students gain skills in consciously regulating their actions, which in turn has led to increased self-control and problem-solving abilities with their friendships and classwork.
In Maths, the students have been looking at continuing patterns and developing skills to create their own.

PBL Showcase next term– there is such a buzz about this as the students prepare their presentations ready for the day. This will take place on Thursday 20th Oct at 2.00pm and all parents are invited to attend.

Have a great break and we will see you in Term 4  

Year 3/4 PV

After reading Storm Boy, the students are creating pelican pictures using oil pastels on coloured paper. One way to get an outline is to use the class projector.

It has taken us all year, but we have finally finished our 1000-piece puzzle! Students have loved working together and persisting each day. Our class joke has been that if you come to the puzzle, you can’t go home unless you find a piece!

The Year 3/4 students enjoyed getting together and playing some groups games after the Father’s Day Chapel last Friday.

Thank you to those students who take an interest in looking after our class guinea pigs. Mucking out the cage, finding grass and replacing the straw ensures our pets stay happy.

Year 3/4 LK

It has been nice to have a few sunny days for the students to get outside for some learning in the sun. They are getting their PBL unit ready for our showcase in the first week of next term.

The students have been working with the great Australian novel Storm Boy by Colin Thiele. Mrs Hutchie and I were very impressed with their discussions throughout the book.  Some of their thoughts and responses showed some very deep thinking about the topics raised in the book.

Year 5/6

Science - Physical World
This term in Science students have been investigating a range of energy types and learning how energy can be transformed from one form to another. They have identified ways that electricity is generated. At the completion of this unit students will learn to create products or systems that utilise heat, light and electrical energy.

Farmer’s and Agriculture Expert Day
After the Year Two Father’s Day chapel last Friday the 9th of September we invited our Agriculture experts to come and see what work we had done on our PBL projects. Each of our groups this term have chosen an area of interest based on this driving question.

How can we as agronomists provide opportunities for students at our school to learn about sustainable farming?

Each group have become experts and are preparing for their own Field Day. They must investigate sustainability, community benefits, interview experts and find out best practices. Another exciting component of their Field Day will be an interactive element in which our students and visitors to our show get to enjoy a hands-on experience. Our experts enjoyed hearing about their ideas and gave feedback on how they could improve their expeditions.





Chapel - Year 5/6
Friday 23 September

Year 5/6 Boys to the Bush Excursion
Wednesday 12 October



St John’s is transitioning to a new TNT system - Smart Central. This new program allows us to move into the digital age with
robust security for our data and sign-in and sign-out process.

The new system allows you to book your child into TNT, sign them out, and to cancel bookings.

Accounts will be generated from Smart Central. You will be able to make payments, and view your balance and history online
using any internet capable device: smartphones, tablets, computers.

For all parents who have children attending or are intending to have your child/ren attend TNT, you will need to
complete a new enrolment form ASAP for each child - please see the link below.

We would like to have the system up and running on the first day of Term 4.

Please also note you will have a unique PIN code for each child - you will need to know this code as TNT staff will not, and you will need to let each family member know the PIN to collect your child/ren.

For first time users please click Sign up a new account. Please email or call us if you have any further questions or difficulties.

We appreciate your understanding and support.



Jindera Little AthleticS

It has been such a wonderful term of Dance. All students have worked very hard, particularly towards their final performances. At the start of the term, we set the intention that each lesson we would all have a go and have fun – this has been the case! It has been a privilege watching the students develop in confidence and performance skills. It has also been wonderful to hear that some students are having their own lounge room concerts! Well done to all students for a fabulous term of Dance.


Two of our year 4 students, Eve Barclay and Maddison Baker, travelled to Sydney to compete in the CIS athletics competition.

Molly Ginnivan (Year 4) has the privilege of presenting an AFL Premiership medal to a player on the winning team on Saturday! She is also involved in a lap of honour during quarter time and the Grand Final Parade on Friday. Congratulations Molly on being nominated for Auskicker of the Year, and good luck in your role on the weekend!

Axel Podubinski (Year 5) participated in the South Australian State Archery Competition last weekend in the Cubs A-Grade division. Axel trains with his dad, Daniel, and clearly has a good aim because he won his division and is now the SA State title holder. Axel adds this state title to his NSW and Victorian titles. Congratulations Axel!  


At St John's, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.
This week, w
e are praying for:

Week 9
Levi Wilson
Audrey Vitullo
Alex Rai
Nathaniel Pallett
Axel & Zoe Podubinski
Rose Thomas

Week 10
Noah & Beau Pitman
Charlotte & Beatrix Phelps
Archie Brandon
Jackson & Evie Pendergast
Shannon Knight



Willian Jensen
Charlotte Phelps
Year 1
Maxwell Lynch
Frankie Marshall

Year 2
Eden Lawrence
Archie Mahon

Year 3/4 LK
Kade Anderson
Ben Baird

Year 3/4 PV
Scarlett Barber
Sarah Bergmeier
Gan Ney Cole

Year 5/6 NC
Jonas Piltz
Jake Sumbler

Year 5/6 FS
Grace Code
Elijah Kinning


Year 3/4 LK
William Frohling
Elspeth Heinrich

Year 3/4 PV
Deon Byers
Hannah Code

Year 5/6 NC
Lucy Wilson
Jake Sumbler

Year 5/6 FS
Layla Tuohey
Benjamin Wenke

Ivy Lawrence
Elsie Godde
Year 1
Lily Knight
Gloria Wang

Year 2
Elsie Merkel