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Parent Information Session

A reminder that we are holding our Term 2 Parent Information Session next week on Monday 6 June at 6pm – 7pm in our hall.
Our leadership team will be covering:
Brad Moss – Setting our Children Up for Success
Rachel Tervet – Assessment to Inform Learning
Anna-Marie Bothe – Design Thinking at St John’s
Alison Jafari – Zones of Regulation


Our 5/6 Team are Leading by Example
It was a pleasure to listen to our Year 5/6 students as they were interviewed by Jodie O’Sullivan from The Border Mail.  There was an evident connection towards their learning and a tangible enthusiasm towards creating a sense of belonging at our school

Follow the link for the full article.

Yours in Christian service,


Brad MossPrincipal

Brad navy


The Importance of a Mental Health Check-in

At St John's, we want to ensure we are always focusing on the positive mental health of our students. Recent data shows nationally, an increase in primary aged students showing signs of negative mindsets and a lowering sense-of-self. The connection between the school and the home is a critical relationship that is strengthened when communication to support a child is timely and supported by both the home and school.

Please take the time to complete the Wellbeing Barometer Survey to provide us with data to help us support the needs of our student community.


We are hoping to see as many families as possible attend as we share important information about our school. We are suggesting that students remain at home for this session, however if you are unable to do so, we will be providing care for your child. Please book in on the link.

speach bubble oval
speach bubble oval


As shared previously these are 5 key questions Lyn Sharratt (2012) are being used across our classes so that students understand what they are learning, why and where next for their own learning journey. Using the discussion around these questions helps to build personal goals for the students. I went into Year 5/6 at the end of their first 2022 PBL and asked a few students the 5 key questions... here are their thoughts....


FAQ’s can be found in the link below

speach bubble oval

I want to know why we can get some pets and why we can’t get others? Eden.

speach bubble oval

I can connect my spelling words with study ladder. Lincoln.

Making mistakes are hard, but I try again. Tyson.

I had feedback that Mrs Thomas doesn’t like Pythons so I’ve changed my idea to make sure she’s ok!  

Linking into our learner profile and from research, we know that learning involves facilitation from our team of educations and students thinking deeply, creatively, and critically. Also, to achieve and reach whichever goal we set requires grit and determination. I asked the Year 2's what they have had to persevere at this week in their learning.... here are their thoughts.

(Trialling in Year 1) Haven’t got your code yet? Get in touch with Miss Mitchell. The family code means you can connect with your child’s learning in the classroom and give your feedback.

NAPLAN- Last week the Year 3’s and Year 5’s did their best and had a go online. Results will be out later this year and this is one part of how we assess and using those assessments to further plan and support growth in learning where ever your child is at.

More questions? Please refer to our FAQ’s (LINK) or another question that needs answering? Please email into the office FAO Rachel Tervet.


1st Levi Wilson 10-year-old boys
1st Lucy Wilson 12-year-old girls
4th Jonas Piltz 12 year-old-boys
5th Ella McGrath 12-year-old girls
6th Maddison Smith 12-year-old girls
7th Axel Podubinski 11-year-old boys
8th Joel Proos 11-year-old boys
9th Henry Allen 12 year-old-boys10th
Elijah Kinning 12 year-old-boys
10th Lyla Berry 12-year-old girls

On Wednesday 18th May St John’s students travelled to a new cross-country venue at Thurgoona Equestrian Centre. The track was a single lap of the cross-country course and was a flat track. I don’t think the students missed that final uphill finish at the usual Jindera Golf Course! The students were very well supported by a fantastic number of parents who braved the cold conditions. A big thank you to all for your positivity, encouragement and help on the day.

On the day ALL St John’s students gave their very best in each event and we had some outstanding results. All students should be very proud of their efforts and the way they behaved throughout the day. The encouragement, enthusiasm and the support they showed each other was marvelous.

From the event we had five students qualify for the CIS Cross-Country – they finished in the top six of their age group. We wish Lucy Wilson, Ella McGrath and Levi Wilson good luck when they compete in Sydney next week.


Kinder – Year 3/4 have been using the Design Process to solve STEM challenges. Year 3/4 students created towers to hold a basketball and all classes created towers from cups and paddle pop sticks. We explored the engineering and Maths concepts of what makes a tower ‘stable’, what shapes form stable bases and why and different dimensions. We also compared heights and how to find the ‘difference’.

It has been wonderful to see the students work with the mindset of trying again and not giving up when their designs don’t work. We are always learning when we try and apply our skills and knowledge!


Drawing skills are the focus for Term 2, with Kinder to Year 3/4 students exploring line, shape and colour. We are emphasising our individual creativity, celebrating the unique people God made us to be by expressing our different ideas and responding to other people’s artworks with encouragement. Last week we began drawing pictures that include patterns and colour for detail and contrast.

Year 5/6 students have been very busy completing the filming and editing of video news reports about the school building improvement plan, which tied in with their PBL Unit. This week, they will begin their drawing unit in Art, focusing on line, shape, colour and pattern, and using the Design Process in Design Lab.

Anna-Marie Bothe

alws visit

Year 3/4PV
Last Friday in the hall, we met a lady from ALWS, called Cecilia. She read a book called ‘My Two Blankets’. It was about how an African girl moved to Australia with her aunt. The blanket she has, comforts her, and reminds her of life back in Africa. Another blanket represents her new life. The story was about fitting into a new culture.

ALWS helps people from other countries living in refugee camps. We got to write with chalk in the Dinka language. We found how hard it was to learn a new language. Darcy S. We learnt how hard life is in a refugee camp. There are 180 000 people in one camp that ALWS helps with food and water.

ALWS taught us how we should be grateful compared to how others live in other countries.

Year 2We learnt to take care of other people in different countries. To support them and raise money so they can get medicine. Help people who don’t have as much as you have. Be thankful for what you have and don’t ask for more. Even if you don’t have much you can still smile knowing God loves you.
Lily Ross, Jim Berry & Grace Allan

Year 5/6 FS
We learnt so much on what it felt like to leave your house in a hurry. We know now that it is really scary leaving your home, and some of your family to escape war, government, famine and drought and all the other reasons that lead to becoming a refugee. Hearing that 60% of refugees, are kids, made us all really upset that some people are going through this. The amount of food that they have to live on for 2 whole weeks in the camp was not very much at all, and to even think that they can deal with that is very upsetting. Little kids at our age right now are already helping their parents look after the babies and take care of the family, without school! We wish that those refugee camps would be cared about more!
Maddison Smith & Ella McGrath




In Kinder, we kicked off our PBL unit this week by exploring a variety of indoor and outdoor games and activities. It was so much fun! Using emojis, students reflected on how they felt while playing the games, and soon discovered that most of the activities made them feel happy, excited and surprised. Some students explained that they felt this way because they were able to have fun and collaborate with others. This will lead into our driving question.

We have also been exploring the purpose of different written texts, currently looking at procedures which tell us ‘how’ to do/make something. Students broke down how to make a jam sandwich into steps and used the language of ‘first, second, next, finally’ to explain each step of the process. Then, we all got to enjoy eating our creations!

Year 1

In Year 1, we have started developing ‘how to guides’ in response to our PBL driving question, “How can we take care of the environment and inspire others to help us”. We are learning about the purpose and structure of procedures, and practiced this new skill be writing a procedure for making fairy bread. We obviously had to follow our own instructions after we had written the procedure!

We have also been learning a lot about First Nations cultures and histories as part of Reconciliation Week. Year 1 has enjoyed incorporating some Wiradjuri Language into their daily routines and talking during our daily Yarning Circle about how our families are different in so many ways. It has been wonderful to hear the students sharing their own experiences of being or knowing First Nations Australians.

Year 2

The Year 2 students have researched and written an Exposition on the best classroom pet. So much excitement on Monday, when there found Tilly, the budgie waiting for them. Tilly belonged to an elderly lady, and she is more than happy for the class to take her.

In Maths – The students worked collaboratively to calculate, and problem solve a question posed by one of the students.  Last Friday Year 2 lead Chapel and their message was to be thankful for what we have. After Chapel they participated in a ALWS activities.

They learnt about some problems that children face in other countries and how we can support them.

Year 3/4 PV

There is nothing like a pyjama day! The students were comfy all day. However, it did look quite funny participating in long jump for sport.

For Science, we are looking at ‘Forces’ and participating in small groups to conduct experiments.
The students discovered:
1.       Ways a force can be exerted on a balloon
2.       How a marble run down an inclined plane changed using different surfaces (Friction)
3.       How a lever can be used to lift a heavy object.

Year 3/4 LK

Students took on the roles of researchers for PBL to find out what our staff and students think about wet weather playtimes in the hall. With Mr Morey’s terrific technology teaching they developed surveys using Microsoft Forms and collected some interesting data for us to use.

Investigating forces and simple machines has involved lots of hands-on activities which the students have been very enthusiastic about. The tasks have allowed students to develop their understandings of inclined planes, frictions and levers.

What is the most efficient way to count a large number of dice? Ask your child what strategies they used and did their thinking change along the way.

Year 5/6

Perfect Pets
Last year we started our Perfect Pet Pals group. We want to get more animals in the school. Pets bring comfort and companion to kids. We made a voting sheet for each class for what pet they would all like to decide on to be there class pet. Before we got each class their class pet, we made sure no one had any allergies to any of the pets and made sure each class knew how to look after their class pets properly.

So far 3/4 LK have 2 goldfish 3/4 PV have 2 guinea pigs called Cookie and Caramel and our 5/6 class have 2 guinea pigs called Hazel Nut and Chocolate the other classes pets will be coming soon. We have made a sign for each class with their class pet of facts and how to look after their class pets. Each class was very excited about voting and decided about which class pet they would like in their classroom.

Sarah Schulz, Alice Cossor and Isabella Chambers

On Friday the 20th of May, one of our Year 6 Leadership Groups -The Adventure Crew held a PJ day for the whole school. Students came dressed in their PJs and brought in a gold coin donation. We raised $ 270 on the day. If you are still to donate we would love to increase this amount. The money raised will be donated to the Albury/Wodonga Cancer Centre.

Thank you Lucy, Jonas, Thierry and Elijah for this great initiative.

Last week our 5/6 show cased their PBL unit to the whole school, parent’s and friends. Our students had to co-create/design a learning space for our school which will be considered in our real building development project which will begin soon.

During this process the 5/6 students investigated the needs and wants of various stakeholders in the school community, consulted an architect and landscaper and then selected different areas of the school to create their learning space.

St News- Layla and Asha

Creative Writing


CHAPEL - Year 5/6 NC
Friday 3 June


The latest batch of rapid antigen tests are now available for collection at reception.

Please don’t forget to re-book your spots for Term 2 for TNT. We require you to rebook each term for your children to have a space at TNT. Please make your bookings either on our website or email the office.

Parent Information Session
Monday 6 June 6:00pm

Book Fair
Monday 6 to Friday 10 June


At the beginning of each school year, we request our school parents notify us of any medical details that may have changed since 2021. By following the steps below, you can update your child/ren’s medical details through Parent Lounge.
Please note if you do not have the green + Verify button, than you have already submitted your child's medical details this year.

CIS Cross Country
Thursday 9 June

Parent Lounge can be found on the Family Hub page of our website or by simply clicking on the link below.
Log on to Parent Lounge with your 6-digit Parent Lounge username/code (this can be found on your fee statement as the Account Number 000xxx).
Go to Student Details
Click on Medical Details
Click on + Verify



At St John's, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.
This week, w
e are praying for:

Week 5
Elijah, Meggie and Thea Kinning
Vivienne & Louise Jarrick
Maison Holm
Jenny Kilo

Week 6
Ricky, Leo & William Jensen
Joel James
Kaitlyn Holmes
Tully & Norah Heath
Louise Kotzur



Little Saints
Stevie Thies & Arthur Lieschke


Charlotte Phelps & Xander Grimmitt

Year 1
Everlyn Tyrrell & Ava Godde
Eli Johnston & Mannix Dowell

Year 2
Evy Groenewald
Cruz Smith & Tyson Chapel
Thea Kinning

Year 3/4 LK
Daigen Whelan & Ryder Reid
Kade Anderson & Jett Smith

Year 3/4 PV
Jaxon Fraser & Luke Schulz
Ricky Jensen & Lara Male

Year 5/6 NC
Dominic Feuerherdt & Sarah Schulz Joel Proos & Olivia White

Year 5/6 FS
Alannah Van Der LindeDavid Code Victor Wang & Aaron Bowden



Last week at Chapel I enjoyed the Year 2’s message on “THANKFULNESS.” We have so much that we are thankful for. In the Bible it says, I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness;    I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High. Psalm 7:17

On Monday I got my class to share what they are thankful for, here are some of their responses:

I'm thankful for my family because mum loves me and cooks for me, dad works on the farm and loves me. Hannah plays with me and loves me. They all love me and when I'm with them I feel very safe and comfortable. I love my family and they love me.

I am thankful for family and friends because they are always there when you need them.

I am thankful for water because it helps us live and is also great for our body.

I am thankful for a family and a home.

I am thankful for my parents because they take care of me.

I am thankful for family, they look after you.

I am thankful for an Axolotl and 2 hermit crabs 😁 I am also thankful for a MASSIVE family that stretches out really far! I have no idea how many people are in my family!

I am thankful for my coaches in basketball, they are all really supportive and correct me when I'm doing something wrong. They put me in Div 1 because they saw potential in me. They believe in me!

I am thankful for a family and a house. Also for food  water and clothes. Sports because they are fun.

I am thankful for my friends and family because I would be lost without them, they comfort me support me and encourage. me!

I am thankful for sports like footy so I can stay fit  makes friends and learn skills.

I am thankful for cars because they help you get to places and there are heaps of different types of cool ones. I am also thankful for my parents for doing any thing for me.

I am thankful for soccer because it is my favourite sport, it's fun, great for exercise and it is also the most attended sport in the world. Best Sport Ever!

I am thankful for a family because I am never alone. Also for food so I am healthy and not hungry.

I am thankful for my amazing family because they love me. Even though we fight we come back in like five minutes! I'm also thankful for my dancing career, In have come so far and I am not giving up now!

I am thankful for basketball, my friends and family.

I am thankful for soccer because it is fun and you can see your friends. I am also thankful for my family because I have my dad that works, my mum that cooks and my siblings who help me when I am bored.

I am thankful for my parents because they look after me and love me no matter what.

I'm thankful for my family because they support my decisions and I enjoy doing things with them. They spoil me and get me everything, they make me very happy and they take me to very cool places.

It is often hard when we are going through the business of our days to give thanks to our Lord. We are so blessed and we need to remember like my class did this week to give God thanks for his blessings. Praise the Lord. Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;    his love endures forever. Psalm 106:1

Fiona Schulz