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  1. A seamless P-12 Lutheran education in the Riverina: INSPIRED is a community of four Riverina-based Lutheran schools providing a seamless educational experience from Pre-school to Year 12. INSPIRED families can expect a consistent approach underpinned by Lutheran values and a shared understanding of purpose and educational excellence.
  2. Caring, committed and child-centred: At INSPIRED schools, we consider the whole person and appreciate each student’s individuality, circumstance, contributions and challenges. We define educational excellence in terms of the support we provide the individual student to be at their best in terms of wellbeing, belonging and community connectedness, and exploring and reaching their academic and personal potential, whatever that may be
  3. A safe space for students to grow: We provide a comfortable, positive and safe space for our students to learn and grow as people and lifelong learners in an environment that values diversity, acceptance and inclusivity. We believe that building a strong sense of community makes our schools places of belonging, which benefits everyone.
  4. Innovative learning and teaching for life beyond the classroom: At INSPIRED schools, our students learn to learn. Our well-qualified staff value lifelong learning and invest in their own development as well as the development of their students. Our innovative, engaging and rich curriculum challenges students while equipping them to make a positive and meaningful contribution to society. While we value academic excellence, our focus is bigger than the classroom. For us, it’s about expanding minds and possibilities.
  5. Stronger together: INSPIRED schools benefit from interdependence. We are a resource to each other. As a community, we are stronger than the sum of our individual parts. Just as our schools are stronger together, we instil in our students and families the understanding that they are part of something larger than themselves.

I am excited about the potential of InspirED and increasing positive school experiences for our learners. Our goal is to INSPIRE students for life!  

It is personally hard to believe that I am in my fifth year as Principal of St John’s. As part of my professional development, the school board engages an external body to conduct a review of my performance in my role. I strongly encourage you to complete the survey that will be emailed this week and provide feedback that will help me develop a clear plan for my development as a leader.

Throughout my past five years, one area I have intentionally invested my energy and focus on, is building staff collaboration within our school team. This intent is also true for the building of relationships with our colleagues from our four Riverina schools in Henty, Walla and Wagga.

The desire for our Riverina Lutheran schools to collaborate is wholeheartedly supported by our school Principals, board members and staff. This commitment to Lutheran Riverina Education has resulted in the creation of InspirED.

What Is InspirED?

Yours in Christian service,

Brad Moss

Brad navy


Assessment and Reporting at St John’s

Teachers and learning coaches at St John’s are continually assessing and reviewing their students’ knowledge and understanding of topics covered through both formal and informal assessment. Over the next two weeks, teachers and learning coaches will conduct a series of standardised assessment to help inform them of their student’s progress when reporting back to families. This information also provides teachers with further information about their teaching practice and overall understanding of their cohort. Assessments at St John’s are a ‘low key’ event, as we do not want to cause undue stress and anxiety for our children. They are conducted, wherever possible, in the children’s classroom space with the same students and teachers they would normally be working with.

With the cooler weather upon us, we have reviewed the Student Led Clubs for Term 2. Students again came up with some fantastic ideas for clubs and we have been able to accommodate some changes. We thank those students who led clubs last term, and acknowledge that stepping into leadership roles can be a daunting thing for some students. We look forward to seeing the new clubs in action!


Friday Morning Chapel - Led by Kindergarten
All families welcome
School Hall
Friday 5 May 9.30-10.00am

Friday Night Chapel -
All families welcome
Free Sausage Sizzle!
School Hall
Friday 5 May 6.00-7.30pm
School Photo Day (more info below)
Monday 8 May
Athletics Carnival
Les O'Brien Athletics Precinct, East Albury
Thursday 11 May, 9.30am-2.30pm
Mother's Day Chapel and High Tea (more info below)
School Hall and Library
Friday 12 May, commencing with Chapel at 9.30am in the Hall
Working Bee 2023
FREE Sausage Sizzle Provided
Saturday 13 May, 8.00am - 12.00pm
Year 5/6 Camp to Ballarat
Wednesday 24 - Thursday 26 May
See the event in Parent Lounge for more information



On Wednesday 17th, 24 students from St John’s participated in the RAS Cross Country event at the Albury Equestrian Centre. All students raced hard and tried their best, and it was wonderful to hear them cheer each other on at the finish line. Congratulations to all of our students who represented St John’s admirably. We are yet to hear the full results, but a special mention must go to Levi Wilson (Year 5) who won the 11 year old boys race in an extremely fast time of 11mins and 33 seconds. Congratulations to Levi, who will represent St John’s and our area at the next level in Sydney.

Mrs Jafari



Last week our students demonstrated such grit and perseverance as they participated in the Athletics Carnival.

It was a magnificent day, the sun was shining, students were smiling and we witnessed the most amazing sportsmanship as a Year 6 leader turned around during a race to help pick up a fallen classmate!

This leadership demonstrates one of our School values - having care and compassion for all.


Year 2 celebrated our mothers, grandmothers and special women in our lives, with a fantastic Chapel service on Friday in Week 3. This was followed by a beautiful high tea and time spent in conversation with loved ones. Thank you to the amazing mums and women that make our lives so special. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

All individual Mother’s Day photos will be sent out next week



The Year 3/4 camp to Echuca was an amazing success. It was wonderful to see students outside the school environment. Every student displayed their best qualities making our school proud. We were complimented on our engagement and behaviour during their interactions with the guides and public. The camp provided opportunities for each child (and adult) to step out of their comfort zones and support each other. From swinging on ropes, following instructions, to organising our belongings. We would like to extend a big thank you to Ben Berry for accompanying us and Mr Moss for providing the much-needed caffeine.  


The time has come for St John's to move into the digital world for parent communication regarding School/student events!

You will see that we are slowly moving our events and surveys to an online platform utilising our Parent Lounge portal. We are working away in the background, to grow and utilise this platform to create a one-stop-shop for parents. This is an extremely positive step forward! Paper forms and notices in school bags will be reduced and it will also enable families to review upcoming events and information on your computer or mobile device at any time.

Please go to our website under 'Family Hub' to locate the link to the Parent Lounge portal.
Here, we've uploaded an instruction sheet for families to use on how to navigate and respond to events.

We appreciate this is an entirely new process for all families, so please don’t be shy and reach out if you’re having any trouble viewing events or responding; we’re here to help!

With thanks,

St John's Admin


Our St John's team is an amazing group of individuals who contribute to our wonderful school, and the lives of your children!

Mrs Schulz has just celebrated her 25 year anniversary of teaching at St John's which is an amazing milestone!
We thoroughly enjoy her enthusiasm and energy, love of sport events, passion for community involvement, building relationships and making learning so engaging!
Mrs Schulz's favourite motto sums her personality up perfectly: "To teach is to touch a life forever!"
Mrs Schulz - THANK YOU


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This fortnight in Design Lab our K-2 students finished their Jungle Pets and started to plan their shelter. We explored the difference between natural and manmade materials and thought about how we could build a shelter. The shelter has to be big enough to fit their jungle animal, must be made from natural materials, must be freestanding and keep its shape. We look forward to sharing these creations with you in the coming weeks.

In 3-6 the students completed their shelters. As the students are pretending there are stranded in a jungle, they are investigating through the engineering design process fishing techniques and designs, to plan and build a fishing pole. They will make modifications to their prototype, catch ‘fish’ and graph their results.


Mrs Jessica Cottrell
Design Lab Teacher



Zones of Regulation
In Term 1, the Kinders started Zones of Regulation by naming and identifying different feelings and emotions and what situations might cause us to feel certain ways. We have now started identifying which of the four zones we are in when we come into the classroom from play times (blue, green, yellow or red). We are exploring different strategies and tools that can help us regulate our emotions and help us be calm, happy and ready to learn when we come into the classroom. Some of these tools/strategies are reading a book, relaxing our body, hands-on building blocks, puzzles, colouring, wall push-ups or sensory tools.

Play based learning in EnglishIn some of our morning sessions we have been doing play based in English, to put into practise all the skills and sounds we are learning through the 'On the mat' sessions. These are often very hands on tasks that we can explore and challenge ourselves with.


English: We have been learning some new sounds and tricky words that have been added to our tricky word tree. Persuasive writing is still a focus at this point with all students coming up with some interesting ideas on why kids should be able to pick their bedtime for their warm write.

Maths: The students have a great understanding of 2D shapes so far. To continue to build on that, we have been exploring different features and attributes of 2D shapes by looking at how shapes can be made by joining and breaking apart, manipulating objects to halve them in different ways, creating new shapes by adding or removing sides and creating linear patterns, using slide and reflections. We love seeing our student’s creative ideas and listening to their explanations.

PBL is all about how people can change over time and how we categorise people from being babies, to children, to teens, to adults and then to the elderly. It then got a bit scary when we asked the students which category they would put the year 1 teachers in.

We are so proud of all the year 1 students and how well they went at the athletics carnival! It is such a big day and they all did so well.


Thank you to all the Year 2 mum’s and mother like figures that attended our Year 2 Mother’s Day Chapel. The students loved you being there and performing for you.

Another highlight was watching the students master an activity at the sports carnival. It might have taken grit and perseverance, but the boys finally made it to the finish line in the 3-legged race. A wonderful day of fun and sportsmanship.

Year 2 have been so lucky to have Mrs Hayes as a guest speaker for their PBL (Project Based Learning) unit. Mrs Hayes is our St John’s grounds person, and she is helping the students to create and design a special place including a garden. The year 2 students have imagined how their school might be a brighter and happier place for people and plants in the future. In the Entry Event they used technology to design a Lego and Minecraft Garden, and these will display in the classroom.


The class collected data from their Camp Evaluation surveys to create column graphs during maths. In writing, students wrote a newsletter report based on their camp experiences. Once completed, they read to a partner to begin their editing process. In I.T., students had to create a photo book using photos from camp. There was a lot of learning from inserting photos correctly to adding captions.


For PBL this term the students will be learning how the food they eat is grown, processed and transported to shops before they purchase it. The driving question for the unit is ‘How can our community benefit from people purchasing locally produced food and fibres?’. We started by investigating our lunchboxes and sorting the contents into groups. We then began thinking about how far some of our food has travelled and the students were pretty surprised with some of the distances. Products have come from Poland, Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand and Indonesia! Next is to define what local means and build our background knowledge about what foods and fibres are grown locally. Oh and we had some fun in Maths too!  


Recount- Bonegilla

My highlight of the past week was Wednesday. It started when I got out of bed, then I played for a tiny bit before I had to get ready for a church breakfast thig that me and my Dad do every Wednesday. After I had gotten ready we left and headed to Café Borella which is where the breakfast was held. I had what I usually had which was an egg and bacon roll with tomato sauce.

After the breakfast we headed to my bus stop. On the bus I sat next to my friend Finn, and we chatted about what we would do if there was a zombie apocalypse. Once we arrived at school we marked the roll then headed onto the bus which was transporting us to Bonegilla which was the biggest functioning migrant camp in Australia. On the trip there I sat next to my friend James.

Once we arrived, we put our bags in the recreation hut. After that we were split into three groups. Then we commenced with the tour. During the tour we looked at some of the huts that people stayed in, the toilets, the old army hut and the cafeteria. Then we learnt how to make our own butter! The butter making was really fun, we had to mix the butter with rubber bouncy balls. After we all successfully made the butter, we got to try it. One of the butters had salt and the other one didn’t. I liked the one with salt better. After the butter making, we had lunch.

After lunch, we made our own pinch pots using 2 day drying clay. First, we had to make I into a spherical shape. Then, we had to make a hole using our fingers or thumbs before we enlarged the hole making it a pot shape. Then once we had the correct shape, we drew something on the pot using special clay tools. I drew a smiley face on my pinch pot. Then we left it to dry a little bit while we played and had recess.

After recess we gathered our pinch pots and lined up to board the bus. On the bus trip back, I sat next to James again. During the bus trip I was reading the first book of the Wings of Fire Graphic Novel series and James got a head ache as well. I enjoyed Wednesday and getting to see Bonegilla for my first time.

By Ben C.

Circle Time

The students have been enjoying circle time. One of the topics that we shared was what was a highlight for you over the last couple of weeks. Here are two examples shared by our students.



The Athletics Carnival was colossally fun. I don’t think I could have a better day then that. There was so much teamwork and a lot of supporting in one another. It was a fun day out of school and the weather was colossally terrific. We all had such a fun day, and no one had a frown on the face. We all had a fantastic time and teachers done such an amazing job with running the events and building everyone’s excitement up. Also, a big thanks to Mrs Bothe and Mrs Jafari for giving everyone a heads up for our next events and hyping us up for our relays thanks to everyone who participated and to the teachers and helpers from St Pauls for helping us for our Athletics Carnival. By Eve Barclay


My highlight of the past 2 weeks was the athletics carnival in the 800 meters when I was running, and my lungs felt like they were on fire and my throat felt like there was a massive lump of something was shoved down there

The starter person was telling us to step back from the line and then a gunshot sound filled the air. 2 people were in front of me, but I quickly pasted them as I ran I passed the pole vault mat. Wow! how old is that I thought, it was pretty battered and looked as if it was 100 years old. I glanced behind me someone was right behind me. I ran past the discus net as people from the side cheered happily. The last lap bell sounded as I passed the time gates. Once again I passed the old mat and cheering people and finally 100 meters was in front of me. I looked behind me to see another dight behind me. With my final burst of speed I sprinted to the end of the line. I had finished but there was no relief. My throat was burning and my mouth tasted the sour flavour of blood I had finished 1st place. probably the only time I thought… I was wrong.

By Maddison Baker

GRIP Student Leadership Conference

On Tuesday the 2nd of May our Year 6’s went to the Albury Entertainment Centre to attend a conference about Leadership. This year’s focus was ‘How to be an ‘Others First’ Leader.” It is natural to think of self-first but leaders need to shift their thinking to others first. When putting other’s first Leaders need to remember the four H’s: HELP- with the little things, HEAR-other’s opinions, show HAPPINESS and HUMILITY.

The conference was practical, hands on and allowed for our year students to interact with leaders from other regional schools. All students were treated as leaders and given fresh ideas of how they could impact their schools. Watch this space as we know our year 6’s are excited about what new initiatives they will embark for our students at St John’s throughout this year.

Paul Kelly Cup

On Wednesday 3rd May our year 4/5/6 boys and girls went to Culcairn to participate in Paul Kelly Cup. Despite the gloomy weather, students were eager and excited for the day. The boys were challenged in their first two games, however, never gave up and displayed grit and perseverance. They came away with a win in their final game. The girls had a terrific day, making it the semi-finals. Only missing the final on percentage. A highlight of the day was seeing multiple students across both team playing AFL for their first time, pushing themselves out of their comfort zone and trying something new. I commend the students on representing St John’s displaying teamwork and sportsmanship. Thank you to John Ginnivan and Chris Whelan for volunteering your time to coach the students. As well as, Mrs Nic and the parents for their support on the sideline.


This week in spelling our focus is the digraph ‘ti’ making the ‘sh’ sound as in station.We challenged the students to brainstorm as many words that they could working individually or in pairs to write as many words as they could. One student got over 70 words. WOW!


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Year 3/4 LK
Joel James, Ari Severin & Maison Holm
Year 3/4 PV
Deon Byers, Elsie Merkel, Harrison Connell
Year 5/6 GC
Aylena Millar & Jacob Blackie
Year 5/6 FS
Charlie Papakostas & Matthew Davis Jacob Blackie & Noah Pitman

Little Saints
Oliver Allen – Cameron  & Lennon Clinton
Zoe Bergmeier & Anthony Yong
Year 1
Charlotte Phelps & Chloe Oates
Year 2
Fletcher Barber & Benji Lustig

Little Saints
Matthew Kite & Sam Evans
Eloise Sutcliffe & Andy Tuohey
Year 1
Florence Tyrrell & Benny Busch
Year 2
Angel Baker, Tyler Perdon & Frankie Marshall

Year 3/4 PV
Cruz Smith & Sarah Bergmeier
Year 5/6 GC
Cyrus Jafari & Hudson Piltz, Benjamin Code
Year 5/6 FS
Zoe Podubinski, Elspeth Heinrich & James Connelly, Hannah Code

Week 3

Week 4



Kinder continue with their circus dance unit. They are loving the moving around the classroom like different circus act/ animals.

Year 1 and 2 are still looking at how a story can be delivered in a dance form. We have been using the movements of different Australian animals to dance around the room. The students are enjoying the freedom of movement.

Year 3 and 4 have learnt the Strip the Willow dance on top of finalising their Heel Toe Polka. We are getting a lot better at our partner dancing and our progressive dance styles.

Year 5 and 6 have looked at Disco and Ballet as two new dance types. All students have taken part in the learning of these dances which is awesome!

This week: There were lots of busy students this week, some were off on school camp, and some were kept busy playing football. Those who joined us this week settled back into routine well. The theme was ‘when I grow up’, it was fun to learn about the futures of these aspiring young students. Among us we have, vets, professional skateboarders, dancers, gymnasts, football players and more. It is fun to watch the excitement on their faces as they really picture and imagine themselves in that profession. Along with this theme we got creative in the kitchen, Tuesday we made edible cookie dough and Wednesday we made cupcakes in celebration of Lachlan’s birthday on Friday! Happy 8th b’day mate!


Next Week: In celebration of Mother’s Day, next week will be heavily based on creating things for the beautiful motherly figures in our life. There will be lots of craft and colourings and of course some card making. We will continue with baking as some of our older students really excel in this area, their leadership and initiative really shine through, it’s also just as fun to eat what we have created! We do run off all the sugar as group games in the hall are always highly requested. There isn’t a day where we aren’t playing some sort of game!




At St John's, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.
This week, we are praying for:

Week 3
Jimmy & Emily Schmidt
Lola Armstrong
Thomas & Alexander Chambers
Louise Haberman

Week 4
Lily & Grace Ross
Darcy Wright
Joel & Emily Proos
Melanie Barnes