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At St John's, we pray for our students and their families and staff members.
This week, w
e are praying for:

Week 1
Scarlett, Fletcher & Piper Barber
Lyla & Jim Berry
Indi & Lily Knight
Therese Schmidt

Week 2
Billy Proctor
Jake & Ryan Pisani
Charlie Papakostas
Frankie & Maxton Marshall
Penny Baker



A God who does care, even when it sometimes feels like He doesn't. Trusting in God means that whatever we suffer, in the end, can be used for our good.

Last Christmas my 6yr old granddaughter climbed up a very tall tree in her yard. She was describing to me all the beautiful things she could see, including the ocean, boats and children playing. I looked at how high up she was and at the small branch that was supporting her.  She had trust in that branch and believed it would stop her from falling.

How often do we put our trust into other things before we put our trust in God? Trusting God should be our first option not our last. No matter what, we all experience challenging times, but have you ever noticed how often we ask God for help almost as a last resort after we have explored all other options? Why are we not seeking God’s help first, with full confidence, and with joy, rather than look for solutions on our own until we exhaust ourselves?

’ Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight. — Proverbs 3:5

As my granddaughter was trusting in the branch, I was praying to God to not let her fall and for the branch not to break. So, remember, when you are faced with difficult situations, and incidents, ask God for help first, right in the heat of the moment, as it is not like He is unaware of our struggles, we must willingly turn to Him, with a heart that is committed to surrendering to His will, and put your trust in Him.

May God bless you all. Rose Thomas


Friday 6 May


The latest batch of rapid antigen tests are now available for collection at reception.

Please don’t forget to re-book your spots for Term 2 for TNT. We require you to rebook each term for your children to have a space at TNT. Please make your bookings either on our website or email the office.

Tuesday 10 May (Writing)
Wednesday 11 May (Reading & Conventions of Language)
Thursday12 May (Numeracy)
Friday 13 May (Catch up Tests)

Friday 13 May 10:00am

Friday 13 May 9:20am


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Mother's Day

Yours in Christian service,


Brad MossPrincipal

Brad navy

A Timely Message About Positive Parenting
Click on the image to explore informative resources about powerful parenting techniques.

This weekend, we celebrate the strong, supportive and special mothers and motherly figures in our lives. I have been blessed with a mother who was always available, always loving and always an encourager.  I can look back on the life lessons she shared and the guidance provided that has now become a part of how I parent. Like it says in the passage from Song of Solomon, we can take the positive lessons taught by our mothers to then impart in our lives with our friends, families and own children. Happy Mother’s Day!

Invitation to our Term 2 Parent Information Session
We will be holding our Term 2 Parent Information Session in our Hall on Monday 6 June at 6pm. We will use the session as an update to share all the exciting developments at our school. We will also cover information on how we are implementing Zones of Regulation to support student well-being, using assessment data to inform planning and work through our learner profile and design processes throughout your child’s learning experiences. We encourage parents to attend without children, however, we understand this isn’t always possible. To meet the needs of our families, we will be providing care for students who attend.

Please click on the link to book a place for your child so you are able to join us on Monday 6 June at 6pm for our Term 2 Parent Information Night.

Reminder About Our School Uniform

The School Board endorsed the decision for the sports uniform to become the future expected uniform for a St John’s student.

This decision was due to the importance we place on students wearing the most appropriate uniform to access learning. We believe the sports uniform provides the flexibility to support play-based learning, to be physically active and aligns with our agile learning spaces to provide flexible learning for our students.

We believe that pride in the uniform can be strengthened by valuing the St John’s logo and ensuring positive student behaviour and conduct is what sets us apart in the community.

When will it be implemented?
Term 2. We will be transitioning to the sports uniform Monday to Friday from the beginning of Term 2.

When will the sports uniform be mandatory and the formal uniform phased out?
Start of 2024. We want to support families who have purchased formal uniforms so the transition period for students will be spread out until Term 4, 2023 with the new uniform being mandatory at the beginning of 2024.

Principal ConferenceI will be absent throughout Week 3 as I am attending the Bi-Annual Lutheran Principal Conference in Hahndorf, SA. It is a fantastic opportunity to share with our students that staff at St John’s are on a continual learning journey, even as adults. Learning never stops! I am looking forward to sharing my learnings with our students, staff and families on return.


Back to the business of learning: Term 2  - Mrs Tervet

This term we will continue to encourage student voice and student choice particularly through their learning.

This means we will be using these 5 key questions composed by Lyn Sharratt (2012), so that students understand what they are learning, why and where next for their own learning journey. Using the discussion around these questions helps to build personal goals for the students.

In addition we want to share information around your child’s learning and achievements, goals and journey with you! (Our families) This is still work in progress as we trial other informal ways and review what we’ve already got in place.

To start in Year One we are going to trial using seesaw. An online app that give opportunity to connect into your child’s classroom and their learning. Protocols and details coming out next week. After we have reviewed whether it suits our school and learners. We hope to roll out across K-6 later this year.

NAPLAN- Week 3 Term 2
Across Australia all Year 3 and Year 5 Students are taking part in Naplan next week.
These are numeracy and English assessments.

Unlike previous years, NAPLAN exams for years 3 and 5 will be online rather than on paper apart from the writing for Year 3, which is still on paper. Our students had a go practicing for these online tests last term. This practice benefits both the school and the students. As a school, we can ensure that our technology is ready to go so that students have a seamless experience. The practice also helps students become familiar with the format and expectations of the exam.  This information gathered from these assessments will help us to further plan for our students.

Part of my role includes assessment across the whole school. I thought I’d share some of the assessing we do across school with your child to inform planning and identify the where to next for your child. We want to connect with you about how your child is doing in their learning and outcome that they have achieved. Your partnership with us is key to your child’s success.

So you are aware, this diagram is a snapshot of the assessments (both informal and formal) that take place across St John. This Triangulation of assessment feeds into what we share with you and guides our overall teacher judgement. At the end of this term we will have our end of Semester 1 reports to share progress of your child so far compiled from all these different areas.

Linking into our learner profile and from research, we know that learning involves facilitation from our team of educations and students thinking deeply, creatively, and critically. Also, to achieve and reach whichever goal we set requires grit and determination. It’s going to be an exciting term…….

Term 2 Assessment updates


FAQ’s can be found in the link below


The Zones of Regulation

The school has introduced The Zones of Regulation into our daily practice. The Zones are a way for us to ensure the children are ‘ready to learn’ because it encourages us to tune into our emotions and how we are feeling. There are four zones, which are shown below.

We have built in a short period of time regularly throughout the day for children to self-reflect and determine where they sit in the four zones, and then engage in simple individual activities to get them into a space where they are ready to learn. Activities are discussed and chosen by the class and may include listening to calming music, colouring in, speaking with the teacher, doing a nature walk etc.

I encourage you to ask your children about the zones and see if they can identify how they might be feeling at different times of the day. If you would like to know more about the Zones of Regulation, feel free to contact me at the school, or go to the Zones of Regulation page on our website.

Alison Jafari


This week the K – 2 students were given the STEM challenge of designing a bridge that would stand by itself and hold a small toy. They could use paddle pop sticks, masking tape and small tubes. Through experiential learning and sharing successful designs with each other, the students realised what creates a stable base that won’t tip over. Year 3/4 students will design a tower from newspaper to hold a basketball and Year 5/6 students will complete their PBL video news reports and digital editing.


Our Term 2 focus in the NSW Creative Arts syllabus is ART! Over the next two weeks we will explore elements of art in line, shape and colour with pencil and markers before combining techniques into uniquely creative drawings. We cannot wait to see the ideas, skills and imagination come together!




The Kinders have been very excited to be back at school! We have started a unit called ‘All About Me’ and have been talking about our families, who is in our families and what we love to do with our family. We drew a picture and shared our ideas using the ‘snowball’ strategy, which was lots of fun!
We have also shown some great collaboration skills in Maths, working together to order numbers and doing ‘Dot Talks’.

Year 1

Year 1 has kicked off their PBL unit this week in style! We arrived on Tuesday to classrooms covered in old uniforms and we are now in the process of hatching a plan to recycle, reuse and repurpose them. Year 1 would love to hear your ideas for solving this problem, so please feel free to pop a note in the letterbox outside our classroom or email Miss Mitchell.

We have enjoyed exploring numbers in maths through group challenges that have resulted in the Year 1’s discovering some very effective strategies for counting very large numbers. This has proven quite useful as we incorporate maths into our PBL unit, sorting and counting waste that we collected from around our school.

Thank you for making me feel so welcome this term! It has been wonderful getting to know so many of the amazing people in the St John’s community. If you need to get in touch with me, my email is brittney.mitchell@stjls.nsw.edu.au
I would love to hear from you.

We’ve arranged for Brittney is around to meet families either Wednesday 11th May after school from 3:20pm (come a few minutes earlier to pop into the classroom until our meeting at 3:40pm or Friday morning from 8:55am until the bell rings at 9:15am to pop in to say hello. Alternatively please send an email via Brittney or the office if you need an appointment.

Year 2

Creative and critical thinking took place in RT 2 in their learning activities.

After Mrs Thomas visited the Van Gough Melbourne Expedition, she was inspired to share this with the students. In Art they re-created the Sunflower picture, using crayon and colour wash. In Mathematics, the students had opportunities to create their own challenging shapes problem for their peers to solve. Reading in year 2 is always fun, it doesn’t matter where you do it if it is happening.

Year 3/4 PV

The Year 3/4 classes finally presented their first PBL showcase! As it was our first, we thought we would just showcase to the other Year 3/4 class and our buddy class 2RT. We then got some surprise guest visits from Mr Moss, Mrs Bothe, and Year 5/6 students. Due to absences some students had to bravely present on their own. I was super proud of how confidently students spoke and explained their new event they had created. With the completion of a self-evaluation form, the new skills the students gained during the PBL unit ranged from computer skills, collaboration/teamwork, how to create, design and use imagination, creating flyers and posters, presenting to others and more...
BEFORE the showcase, students spoke of how they were feeling. Some responses were: nervous, excited, what if my work is not good enough, what if people laugh, what if we cannot answer their questions? AFTER the showcase, students said: happy, confident, proud, good, enjoyed having people come in, tired and out of breath from talking. It was great to reflect on how quite often when we do things for the first time and have present to others, it is normal to be nervous and afterwards we realise it was not as bad as we had thought.

Year 3/4 LK

What a terrific start to Term 3 Year 3-4 LK have had. The students have begun the term by completing their PBL from Term 1. On Friday, the students shared their solutions to the driving question “How can we as community builders create and host a celebration that brings joy and a sense of belonging to our community?” The students displayed a wonderful understanding of what is involved in hosting an event and had many examples of how they had made their events welcoming. All students showed a high level of creativity in the works they produced for their displays. They should all be very proud of their efforts. We will include some more photos in next week’s class letter.

Year 5/6

Project Based Learning
This term the students are thoroughly enjoying creating their models of their new learning spaces. Next Friday the 13th May will be our show case. We cannot wait!

Albury Schools Netball Cup
On the 7th of April we entered in four teams of netball in the Albury Schools Cup Carnival. The carnival gave students the opportunity to participate in competitive and non- competitive netball. This was a great opportunity for our students with lots of netball experience, as well as those with limited experience to have a go and have lots of fun playing in a team sport.

One of our competitive teams the St John’s Superstars a 5/6 mixed team finished second in division and therefore played in the final. They won this final and now will play in the Riverina Regional Final on the the 21st of June in Wagga.

Thank you so much to the following parents who helped coach on the day- Shannon Tuohey, Toni Terlich, Bron Gabrielle and Georgina Cossor. Thank you to all the St John’s Students who participated on the day, it was a lot of fun and great sportsmanship was shown.

Year 5 Buddies

Anzac Service

Good SamaritanAWARDS

Little Saints
Piper Doolan & George Tuohey


Xander Grimmett & Florence Tyrell

Year 1
Frankie Marshall & Mannix Dowell

Year 2
Noah Merrett & Eden Lawrence

Year 3/4 LK
Ryder Reid & Isabel McGrath

Year 3/4 PV
Scarlett Barber & Gan Ney Cole

Year 5/6 NC
Ben Code

Year 5/6 FS
Ryan Pisani & Julia Scholz  

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