Scholarships & Grants

St John’s Lutheran Primary School has a number of Scholarships, Bursaries and offers of fee assistance to help support our families in educating their children at St John’s.

They are also designed to encourage excellence and academic achievement.

Scholarships, Bursaries and offers of fee assistance are offered to both internal and external students of the School.

Current Families


There is no requirement for current St John’s Students to register their interest in academic scholarships.

All students currently studying in Year 4 will be eligible for consideration of the “AC Scholz” scholarship or “Wehner” scholarship.

Both of these scholarships are on offer to 2 girls and 2 boys in Year 4 at St John’s who will be going into Year 5 at St John’s Lutheran School and who:

“Demonstrate a most conscientious attitude to school work and demonstrates the best endeavour to live out their Christian faith within the school community.”

Both of these scholarships are to the value of $300 each.

Fee Assistance

Fee assistance is available to current St John’s families who may be experiencing financial hardship.

We realise that financial situations do change and fluctuate and so fee assistance is offered and reviewed on an annual basis.

Families requiring assistance are asked to contact the office for a Fee Assistance package which outlines the procedures to follow in order to request assistance.

Academic Scholarship opportunities – for new families

Also on offer are Academic scholarships for students entering Years 2-6 from another school.

These scholarships may apply to one or more areas of a child’s education where a special talent or ability is demonstrated and is to be encouraged and fostered. E.g. English, Languages, Maths, Sport, Art etc.

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Educational Opportunity Grants (EOG)

St John’s has a number of educational grants available each year. These are open to students applying for entry into the school but due to special circumstances ” may not be financially able to afford the education at this time.”

These EOGs may also be awarded where special or unforeseen circumstances apply. A confidential application to the Principal is required.

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Christian Fellowship Scholarships – for new families

St John’s believes that all children should have the opportunity to receive a Christian education and that no child should ever be turned away from receiving this because their parents cannot afford to send them to our school.

To this end, we are pleased to be able to offer a number of “Christian Fellowship” scholarships to support these families in sending their child/ren to St John’s.

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Music Scholarships – for new families

Music is a very important part of our program at St John’s and we encourage all students to learn a musical instrument and/or join one of the School choirs or band.

In order to encourage this love of, and passion for, Music we are pleased to be able to offer Music Scholarships for students entering St John’s in Year 3 to Year 6.

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