Why St John’s

1. Christian Education

We see our role as providing Christian education for children in Albury, Jindera, Walla Walla and other surrounding communities. This Christian education is available for children from all denominations (and for also those from no particular denomination) and forms the lifeblood of our school.

2. Caring

Children need encouragement, care and understanding to reach their full potential educationally, spiritually, socially and physically.

St John’s Primary School provides a stable and caring environment for children, discovering and nurturing their unique talents and abilities and catering for their special needs and interests so that each child can develop to his or her fullest potential.

3. Academic Excellence

Our curriculum provides challenge, creativity and variety.

In particular, our Little Saints program for 4 year olds offers a great start to a life of learning and an excellent transition into schooling.

We offer a broad range of activities to each child to facilitate learning both in and out of the classroom. A caring environment is provided in which learning is valued, excellence is encouraged and honest effort is expected and recognised according to individual abilities.

Some of the great facilities and opportunities our school offers include:

  • Individualised care and support
  • Japanese language lessons
  • Music Instruction through a specialist music teacher with specialist music programs that include:
    • Junior and Senior choirs
    • Violin lessons for all Year 4 students
    • Ukulele lessons for all Year 5  and 6 students
    • Taiko drumming for Senior students
  • Environmental education (and lessons in sustainability)
  • Enrichment clubs and extra-curricular programs both during lunch times as well as after school.
  • Gifted and talented programs.
  • Technology is integrated right throughout the school and includes:
  • A Comprehensive Sporting Program with specialist lessons being given to every class every week.  There are also many opportunities to compete at district and state levels (and beyond!) in chosen sporting areas.
  • Dance and drama instruction (in conjunction with our school concerts, local performances and School Worship and Assembly times.

4. Community

St. John’s is an ideal size. Its enrolment of around 300 allows our students to have access to great resources whilst providing a great sense of family and community.

This community is experienced at all levels, between students, teachers, staff and parents. Each member of our school is a valued individual.

5.  Caring, committed and very professional Staff

St. John’s has a team of very dedicated and professional staff who go to great lengths to ensure that all children are encouraged to do their best and achieve the greatest possible results.

They are always more than happy to speak with parents about your child’s progress and keep you informed as much as possible. They are also more than happy to have parents come and visit their classrooms.

We view the education of your child as a partnership between home and school and so encourage all parents to take an active interest in what your child is doing at school. Why not come along and pay us a visit?

Why not come along and pay us a visit?