Lutheran Foundation

Lutheran Education Australia (LEA) Ltd represents the Lutheran schools and early childhood centres of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA).

Lutheran schools are located throughout Australia – in every state and territory apart from the ACT. In addition, Lutheran early childhood centres provide education and care for preschoolers.

What’s so special about a Lutheran school?

Every Lutheran school:

  • belongs to a well-organised system with a long and distinctive tradition
  • is based on some solid understandings about people and life
  • provides a caring environment
  • embraces high standards of teaching and learning
  • promotes Christian growth and development
  • works as a team with parents
  • is part of the greater community.


Lutheran schools are strongly linked by a common ethos, aiming to provide quality education in which the gospel of Jesus Christ informs all learning and teaching, all human relationships and all activities.

Independent but interdependent

As Lutheran schools are independently operated, the education program they offer can be tailored to serve the needs of their local communities. Lutheran schools gear their resources to ensure they remain faithful to their mission and are accessible to the community. Fee levels are modest.

Although independently operated, Lutheran schools and early childhood centres are linked and supported through regional and national offices.

Educational values

Central to their mission and ministry, Lutheran schools seek to nurture integrated individuals, who are guided by core values and reflecting the characteristics of God (especially love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, service, humility, courage, hope, quality and appreciation) serve their communities by being:

  • self-directed, insightful investigators and learners
  • discerning, resourceful problem solvers and implementers
  • adept, creative producers and contributors
  • open, responsive communicators and facilitators
  • principled, resilient leaders and collaborators
  • caring, steadfast supporters and advocates.


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