Parent’s & P&F

The Parents and Friends (P&F) Association is currently not meeting formally as an association but instead meets more informally through classes and Parent Reps.

All parents and friends of St John’s are invited to attend social gatherings and get to know other families of the school.

Parent Reps are appointed for each year level and their job is to help

  • As a social outlet for all families: Functions are often held to provide social avenues for families to get to know other families of the school and provide another means of support for all associated with St John’s, and
  • Work with the staff and parents within the class/year level to provide services to our children and their families through a nominated event such as Father’s and Mother’s Day stalls, Grandparents’ and Special Friend Morning tea etc.
  • As a fundraising arm of the school.

Keep a close eye on the newsletter each week for news of what each class / year level is up to and when the next event will be held.