Little Saints Preschool


Our popular and fun pre-Kinder program for 4 year olds.

Is is a full time, yet flexibly based, program for children wanting a little bit more stimulation and challenge.

One of the main advantages for the children in such a setting is that they have a fully trained teacher, and have full use of the school’s facilities. As such they have both a library and music lesson, along with a specialized sport lesson per week and have some exciting larger than life buddies in Year 5 helping to make their time at school even more exciting and enjoyable.


“Little Saints”- is an extension of our school which allows for controlled learning as the children approach Kindergarten.

Little Saints Preschool is open from 8.30am to 4pm. Class commences at 9.15 – 3.15pm.

At “Little Saints”- children take part in many of the activities that you would find in a normal school setting.

On different days of the week they have:

  • One library lesson per week whereby they actually visit the school’s library and have our Librarian read a book or do an activity with them.
  • One music lesson per week where our School Music teacher takes them for a music appreciation lesson that is often structured alongside what they are doing in class.
  • A specialist PE lesson – with our School’s PE teacher taking them for a class
  • “Little Explorers”program in Terms 2 & 3
  • Participation in our whole school Chapel services on a Friday

They have recess and lunch at the same time as the other students, which assists them in beginning to learn the structure of a school day.

Each child is given an older Year 5 buddy at the school, who helps to look after them and care for them and initially eat recess and lunch with them. This helps to take away any concerns about the ‘bigger’ children at the school.

Preparation for their Primary schooling is also enhanced by their attendance at many of the normal school programs and events of the main school, such as:

  • Whole School Chapel
  • School Sports Days
  • School Assemblies, including receiving Merit awards etc

The learning environment is structured yet offers free choice and opportunities to explore the world in which we live. E.g There are different learning centres like a Writing area, Block corner, Construction area etc where children can explore and play or experiment.

In addition to having their own private toilets and facilities, there’s also an outdoor area solely for our Little Saints students with specific play equipment for children of this age.

Little Saints Enrolment

“Little Saints”- is generally a one year program. (Although children may spend longer in the class)

“Little Saints Preschool” operates throughout the normal school year. Children are to be enrolled for at least 2 days per week but are able to attend 5 days a week.

Hours of Attendance

Little Saints students attend from 8.30am to 4pm.  St. John’s TNT After hours Program is also available for Little Saints children to be booked into.

Entry Age
To become part of the “Little Saints” class, children should turn 4 years of age in the year of attendance and preferably by the 31st March. Children turning 4 at other times may be considered at the discretion of the Principal in consultation with the Class Teacher. Children attending “Little Saints” should also be toilet trained.
Classroom and facilities

Little Saints children have their own fully air-conditioned/heated classroom and playground, fully enclosed by a child proof fence.
They also have their own toilet facilities and playground equipment.

We provide all puddle suits for the “Little Explorers” during Terms 2 & 3 where the children participate in outdoors education to the fullest.

For more information please contact to School.


The fees are set at a daily rate and are issued at the start of each term.

Enrolment is as simple as downloading an enrolment form, filling it out and bringing it in to the School where you will be able to meet with the Principal/Director and receive a guided tour of the school and its facilities. In order to avoid disappointment, please phone beforehand to make an appointment time.