Support & Pastoral Care

Learning Support


Our school places a high priority on striving to meet the individual educational and personal needs of our students.

The process outlined below allows us to design programs to meet the specific needs of all our students. It is important to note that children with exceptional gifts and talents have special needs also.

1. Student Assessment
Selected tests are given to all students to help identify those with special needs. These tests also serve as one of the long term checks of a student’s progress over their primary school years. In addition, they help us to gain a picture of the overall levels of performance of students within the school.

2. Assistance to students with special needs
Individual diagnostic testing is carried out for students who may need extra assistance. This, along with teachers’ own informal testing and professional judgement, enables us to set realistic goals and plan effective special programs of work.

These programs generally involve intensive teaching of basic reading, writing and/or mathematical skills. Intensive teaching means that more one-to-one time is spent on direct instruction, demonstration, practice, positive feedback and revision.

Using reading assistance, as an example, children may remain in class working with the Learning Support teacher or they may be withdrawn individually or in small groups. Alternatively, our Learning Support teacher may assist the class teacher by providing a modified program, materials and suggestions. Adults specifically trained as reading tutors are also used in the program.

After consultation with parents, appointments may be arranged with outside agencies such as Speech Therapists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists and other professionals where appropriate.


Pastoral Care

Pastoral care means enhancing the dignity of each person within a Christian community. It is concerned with maximising learning and growth and developing the beliefs, values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and practices to enable all to become inner-directed and contributing members of God’s creation.

The life of every human person is seen to have a God given value and meaning which is enhanced in a school community whose atmosphere is permeated with the Gospel spirit of freedom and love. In this setting, the students experience their dignity as people before they know its definitions.

Parents are the first educators of their children. The role of St John’s Lutheran Primary School is to assist parents in the Christian education of their children. As such, we need to appreciate the special pastoral circumstances of our own community, including families, and then to mobilise the resources, personnel and programmes needed to meet those pastoral needs.

Within our school, appropriate learning opportunities can serve to reduce the stresses of the educational process. As such we endeavour to promote a sense of purpose and self-worth in our students in an effort to strengthen the young person in coping with the pressures of society.

Programs specifically provided to cater for children and their families are listed below.

Samaritan Care: A practical support program for the families of our School.

This program provides practical care for those who are sick, or celebrating the birth of a baby or are otherwise in need of assistance or simply a blessing, within our school, congregation and community.

Throughout the year, various “Cook offs” are held where meals are prepared and then stored in our school freezer. These meals can then be called upon to give to those families in need of a blessing at a time when most needed.

All families of our School community can access this service. If you would like more information, please contact the office.

School Chaplain: Available to meet with Parents or Children.

Our Chaplain – Mrs Wilson is available to all children and parents of the school to speak with about anything that may be happening in your life at the moment in which you simply want someone to come alongside you and pray for/with you or to just listen. Our Chaplain acts as a great liaison between home and school and can help to iron out any problems that children may be experiencing with friendships, in the playground or in settling into a new school.

If you would like more information, please contact Mrs Wilson either by phone 02 6026 3220.