Our Approach

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Daily Life

Life at St John’s is designed to be exciting, supportive, encouraging and enjoyable.

St John’s offers a bright, peaceful and innovative environment in which to learn and grown. We strive for excellence and also to offer our students the best start to learning as possible. To this end, we are always learning and growing ourselves and striving to give our students every opportunity to succeed as possible.

Classes are deliberately designed to be bright and colourful with stimulating material and personalised work on display. Children’s work is valued, high standards are encouraged and great work is displayed for all to see.

St. John’s offers Christian education to all applicants, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religion, financial status or disability provided that:

  1. Parents seeking to enrol their child/children undertake to support the Christian ethos and stated aims of the school.
  2. Adequate space and resources are available.


St John’s provides education for 4 year olds, in our Little Saints Preschool program, right through to Year 6.

We follow the Board of Studies program of education for New South Wales and classes are organised according to the Stages described in this Curriculum.

Each stage has many exciting things to learn and experience.
All classrooms are fully equipped with Interactive Whiteboards and a variety of ‘rich learning’ materials.