Our Vision & Mission

Vision Statement

The school vision statement is also our motto “to maturity in Christ”, (Ephesians 4:13 and Hebrews 6.1). This seemingly simple phrase is rich in meaning and encouragement and is readily understood by even the youngest children. The following points amplify this vision statement:

  • “to” – indicates a process and a direction. Education is a lifelong process. It should also be in an intentional direction.
  • “maturity”- is our desired goal in primary education, as throughout all of life.
  • “in Christ”- to live all areas of our life in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

This scope of our vision is not only all students, but also all members of the wider school community. To strive through a life-long education, to be fully mature in Christ, is a worthy goal for us all.

The School logo presents this in the following manner

At the centre of the logo is the empty cross, emphasising that the risen Lord Jesus Christ is central to the whole foundation and operation of our school.

The radiating light symbolises both the love and grace of God to us, through Jesus Christ and the love we then share with each other.

The open Bible shows that all authority and practice is based on God’s Word.

Mission Statement

St John’s is a loving Christian Community, dedicated to providing a safe learning environment, inspiring all to achieve their full potential.
We recognise the diversity of learners, encourage and develop respect for others, a love for learning and a desire to grow to maturity in Christ.


As such, St John’s aims to support parents in the complete Christian education of their children by:

  1. encouraging children to grow in their relationship with God and to come to a personal faith in Jesus Christ.
  2. providing a caring environment where learning is valued, excellence is encouraged and honest effort is expected and recognised according to individual abilities.
  3. providing a comprehensive, high quality program of instruction in all subject areas, (as set by the NSW Department of Education) so as to equip children for further education.
  4. promoting personal development and enhancement of social skills such as self discipline, leadership and teamwork. 
Core Christian Values

Love  for God, others, ourselves
Respect for all
Responsibility  for ourselves, our actions, our school –  service, honour, justice
Honesty and Integrity  at all times
Opportunities the freedom to learn, play, take risks, grow, worship
Care and Compassion  for all consideration, kindness, empathy, understanding
Effort and Excellence  give best effort, using gifts and talents to achieve full potential
Innovation  always being open to doing things in a new way
Dedication being devoted and committed to making St John’s all it can be