Big Write!

Recently, all of our staff were trained in the Big Write Program.
Big Write and VCOP (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation) are designed to bring the fun back into writing, to make the children want to write and to be continuously challenged throughout the writing journey. Through games, activities, writing tasks, conversations and discussions, students will learn not only where their abilities lie in a fun and engaging way, but also the steps they need to take, in order to continue to improve.

The results of the program are well documented in the UK, where Big Write schools on average, achieve 15% higher scores in national tests.
In Australia the results have also been impressive where the program has been trialled at Pearcedale Primary School.
In 2010, the Grade 2 cohort of students were identified as low achievers from the Prep intake, comprising of a higher than normal number of funded students, deaf facility students and students just missing out on funding.
In 2011, Big Write and VCOP was used in the hope of helping these students improve. After only eight weeks, the students were able to achieve results higher than the national average in both ‘Writing and Grammar and Punctuation’ in the Naplan tests. By the end of the year, all of the students had progressed from a mere 42% achieving the expected level, to 65%. Since this time many other schools have begun to enjoy similar success and have the dual bonus of students enjoying writing and becoming confident and articulate speakers in the process!